BS-JY-NU%20WAL%2BBK_4.jpg, Walnut/ Black
BS-JY-NU%20WAL%2BBK_4.jpg, Walnut/ Black
BS-JY-NU%20WAL%2BBK_4_1.jpg, Walnut/ Black
BS-JY-NU%20WG%2BCR_4.jpg, Wenge/ Cream
BS-JY-NU%20WAL%2BBK_4_2.jpg, Walnut/ Black
BS-JY-NU%20WAL%2BBK_4_3.jpg, Walnut/ Black
BS-JY-NU%20WAL%2BBK_4_4.jpg, Walnut/ Black
BS-JY-NU%20WG%2BCR_4_1.jpg, Wenge/ Cream
BS-JY-NU%20WG%2BCR_4_2.jpg, Wenge/ Cream
BS-JY-NU%20WG%2BCR_4_3.jpg, Wenge/ Cream
BS-JY-NU%20WG%2BCR_4_4.jpg, Wenge/ Cream

Nueva Bar Stool

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Relax in art deco style with the Nueva Bar Stool! This adjustable height stool with footrest will add an artful touch of style to any room with its wooden backrest and padded leatherette seating. The seat swivels 360 degrees for an added element of comfort and convenience.

19.3L x 17.8W x 37.5 - 42.5H inches / 25 lbs
Adjustable Height: 27 to 32 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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