Manual Wind Wristwatch
Manual Wind Wristwatch
Manual Wind Wristwatch

Manual Wind Wristwatch

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From Max Bill's original 1950's designs for Junghans Germany, these Hand Wound Wristwatches feature 17-jewel Swiss movement, luminous filled hands with doube luminous dots at the 12 position. Convex plexi glass acrylic crystal with leather strap.

Available with Numbers on White Watch Face with tan band, and Lines on White Watch Face with black band.

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More About Max Bill

Originally created in the 1950's & 60's for the German company Junghans, Swiss artist Max Bill - a student of the Bauhaus Building School in Dessau - developed his "useful, beautifully modest" modern clocks & watches for both men & women simply around design aesthetics. Now available in authentic re-edition with modern movements in Max Bill's genuine, perceived product form.

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