BS-JY-KO%20CH%2BBK_2.jpg, Cherry/ Black
BS-JY-KO%20CH%2BBK_2.jpg, Cherry/ Black
BS-JY-KO%20CH%2BBK_2_1.JPG, Cherry/ Black
BS-JY-KO%20WAL%2BBN.jpg, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-KO%20CH%2BBK_2_2.JPG, Cherry/ Black
BS-JY-KO%20CH%2BBK_2_3.JPG, Cherry/ Black
BS-JY-KO%20CH%2BBK_2_4.JPG, Cherry/ Black
BS-JY-KO%20WAL%2BBN_1.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-KO%20WAL%2BBN_2.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-KO%20WAL%2BBN_3.JPG, Walnut/ Brown
BS-JY-KO%20WAL%2BBN_4.JPG, Walnut/ Brown

Koko Bar Stool

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Chic and stylish: this is the perfect barstool for your kitchen or bar! The Koko is comfortable and sleek, featuring a leatherette cushion on an elegantly bent wood, height-adjustable swivel seat, a chrome base and a simple modern footrest.

18L x 17.5W x 38 - 43H inches / 22.5 lbs
Adjustable Height: 28 to 33 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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