H2BarStool-Black.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Black.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Black_1.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Black_2.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Black_3.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Black_4.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Black_5.jpg, Black
H2BarStool-Red.jpg, Red
H2BarStool-Red_1.jpg, Red
H2BarStool-Red_2.jpg, Red
H2BarStool-Red_3.jpg, Red
H2BarStool-Red_4.jpg, Red
H2BarStool-Red_5.jpg, Red
H2BarStool-Orange.jpg, Orange
H2BarStool-Orange_1.jpg, Orange
H2BarStool-Orange_2.jpg, Orange
H2BarStool-Orange_3.jpg, Orange
H2BarStool-Orange_4.jpg, Orange
H2BarStool-Orange_5.jpg, Orange
H2BarStool-White.jpg, White
H2BarStool-White_1.jpg, White
H2BarStool-White_2.jpg, White
H2BarStool-White_3.jpg, White
H2BarStool-White_4.jpg, White
H2BarStool-White_5.jpg, White
H2BarStool-Green.jpg, Green
H2BarStool-Green_1.jpg, Green
H2BarStool-Green_2.jpg, Green
H2BarStool-Green_3.jpg, Green
H2BarStool-Green_4.jpg, Green
H2BarStool-Green_5.jpg, Green
H2BarStool-Espresso.JPG, Espresso
H2BarStool-Espresso_1.JPG, Espresso
H2BarStool-Espresso_2.JPG, Espresso
H2BarStool-Espresso_3.jpg, Espresso
H2BarStool-Espresso_4.JPG, Espresso
H2BarStool-Espresso_5.jpg, Espresso

H2 Bar Stool

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Add a punch of color to any room with the H2 Bar Stool. The vibrant stool is comprised of painted bent wood with a slot design through the backrest for an added artistic detail. The H2 Bar Stool features a chrome base and footrest with adjustable hydraulics for easy height customization.

17L x 16W x 32 - 41H inches / 14 lbs
Adjustable Height: 23 to 32 inches

Ships within 3-5 days

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