DOHERTYSofa-Gold_1.jpg, Wood, Gold
DOHERTYSofa-Gold_1.jpg, Wood, Gold
DOHERTYSofa-Gold_2.jpg, Wood, Gold
DOHERTYSofa-Gold_3.jpg, Wood, Gold
DOHERTYSofa-Gold_4.jpg, Wood, Gold
DOHERTYSofa-Gold_5.jpg, Wood, Gold

Doherty Sofa

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Monaco, Dubai, Las Vegas, the Doherty is overstatement at its best! This champagne gold leatherette awakens any space with glamour. Go Hollywood with the Doherty Sofa!


Overall Size: 37L x 91W x 28H inches/ 119 Lbs
Seat Size: 70W x 23D x 15H inches

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