Watch III Polyurethane Strap

Watch III Polyurethane Strap

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Award-winning designer Flemming Bo Hansen's WATCH range is designed accruing to a principle of simplicity and clean lines, and the watch is an implementation of the proportions of the Golden Ratio, which refers to the relationship between two sizes considered since time immemorial to be a harmonious ratio.  These proportions are found in nature, such as in the spiral of the conch, but also in architecture and paintings all over the world.

WATCH III is characterized by glass blown stainless steel finish

  • Unique digital LCD display
  • Available black polyurethane strap.

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    More About Rosendahl

    Established by the visionary entrepreneur Erik Rosendahl to create designs that make life easier and more elegant, Rosendahl Copenhagen began with the brilliant cone-shaped winestopper that took Danish homes by storm. Also famous for their minimalist "Watch" collection created by Flemming Bo Hansen and characterized by simple, clean lines and a sleek modern design. Most recently, Rosendahl has partnered with auto industry legend Henrik Fisker to release the PCH Watch Series.

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