BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_1.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_2.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_3.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_4.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_5.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_6.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_7.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_8.JPG, Walnut
BentWoodDiningChairStacker-Walnut_9.JPG, Walnut

Bent Wood Dining Chair Stacker

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The Walnut Bentwood Stacker Dining chair is both simple and contemporary. Featuring a stackable design, sturdy chrome frame and a high-back support backrest, this dining chairl provides style and convenience in one.

20.8 x 20.5 x 33 / 10 lbs

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