Sea glass
Sea glass
Allsop Garden Aurora Solar String Lights

Aurora Glow Art Glass Solar String Lights

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The unique Art Glass style of the hand-blown glass used for our solar garden lights enhances them with vibrant jewel tones.  Each of these brilliant Aurora String Garden Lights is available in Sea Glass with its cool blues.  Our outdoor light fixtures have a total length of 25 feet with a 15-foot space between the solar collector and the first of six 2.5" globes. Each individual globe is illuminated by a white LED. For maximum effect, the solar panel on these outdoor light fixtures should be placed to receive full sun all day.

The individual globes on these garden lights can be hung from their included copper hooks or by wrapping the clear wires around a railing or branch.

Garden Light Dimensions:
Qty (6) 2.5" globes spread 22 inches apart with the solar panel up to 15 ft. away. The total garden light string length is 25 ft.

Ship Time: 1-3 days

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