Alfresco Area Rug - ALF9585

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Achieving a sense of timeless trend that will suit both your indoor AND outdoor spaces, the Alfresco collection by Surya is everything you've been searching for and so much more! Embodying a series of current trends, these 100% polypropylene pieces will radiate a sense of upbeat and exquisite charm that will surely transform any room within your indoor or outdoor decor. To ensure lasting quality and protect durability, specific care must be taken during cleaning, otherwise fiber sprouts can begin to show, creating an unattractive appearance to a once flawless rug.

To prevent this, when vacuuming use a low setting and high elevation, and start at the edge of the rug - or, if possible, use hand-held attachments for cleaning. Over time, however, the fibers within your piece will inevitably begin to weaken.

When this occurs, it will become noticeable when yarn pokes out from the rug's edges. To prevent pulling, it is crucial that you do not simply pull the yarn out; rather, use scissors to cut these weak fibers to maintain the impeccable quality of your Surya rug.

If spills occur, immediately tend to the area: blot with a towel to remove moisture and prevent any stain from setting.

Available Finish/Color: Cream, Sage
Construction: Machine Made
Swatch Available
Water Resistant
Made from water resistent material
Weather Resistant
Made from weather resistent material
Loop Texture
Easy Care
No Shedding

100% Polypropylene
Pile Height: 0.157 inches

2'3" x 11'9" Runner: 27W x 141L inches/ 14 Lbs
2'3" x 4'6" Area Rug: 27W x 54L inches/ 6 Lbs
2'3" x 7'9" Runner: 27W x 93L inches/ 9 Lbs
3'6" x 5'6" Area Rug: 42W x 66L inches/ 10 Lbs
5'3" Round: 63W x 63L inches/ 14 Lbs
5'3" x 7'6" Area Rug: 63W x 90L inches/ 20 Lbs
6' x 9' Area Rug: 72W x 108L inches/ 27 Lbs
7'3" Round: 87W x 87L inches/ 27 Lbs
7'3" Square: 87W x 87L inches/ 27 Lbs
7'6" x 10'9" Area Rug: 90W x 129L inches/ 41 Lbs
8'9" Round: 105W x 105L inches/ 39 Lbs
8'9" Square: 105W x 105L inches/ 39 Lbs
8'9" x 12'9" Area Rug: 105W x 153L inches/ 56 Lbs

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