Haven't found a fabric that you are in love with? All the possible fabric and finish options are listed here. The fabric options have been organized into Solids, Stripes, and Patterns for your convenience. If you see a fabric or wicker color that is not listed as an option for the product you are interested in, please call PureModern for pricing at 1-800-563-0593.


Adobe Fire

Adobe Wine

Affinity Parchment

Altitude Papaya

Aman Capri


Bali Congo

Bijou Apricot

Bijou Sand

Botanic Willow

Bracket Mist

Calidora Emerald

Calidora Mist

Callaway Sun Kiss

Chantilly Bloom Amethyst

Chantilly Bloom Emerald

Chantilly Bloom Ruby

Charlotte Sparrow

Cheshire Cashmere

Colombiana Green

Colombiana Neutral


Crazy Quilt Lime

Crisscross Quarry

Discover Ironwood

Discover Lagoon

Distinction Dove

Divide Havana

Divide Reef

Dupione Deep Sea

Dupione Dove

Elmhurst Ambrosia

Elmhurst Antique

Express Slate

Fracture Silver

Hybrid Citrus

Hybrid Lime

Hybrid Sky

Ikat Ebony

Ikat Straw

Interactive Cobalt

Interactive Foliage

Interactive Mink

Jest Fiesta

Jest Lagoon

Kitri Sky

Lingo Classic

Madura Navy

Madura Teal


Meander Aqua

Meander Crimson

Meander Flame

Meander Mediterranean

Meander Pesto

Meander Shamrock

Medaglia Ebony

Medaglia Pesto

Mills Char

Mills Cloud

Mirage Seaglass

Misty Dove

Modern Dahlia

Movement Cameo

Movement Honeydew

Nakala Denim

Nomadic Cafe

Off the Grid Granite

Ombre Fret Aqua

Ombre Fret White

Panama Wave Licorice

Paravel Ember

Paravel Sea

Pastime Tangerine


Prism Glow

Riviera Diamond

Savanna Cat Beige

Savanna Cat Spa

Seaside Retreat Palm

Serrano Sepia

Sewell Lime

Shibori Peche

Sophia Sunrise

Spin Vapor


Trance Aloe

Tropique Charcoal

Tropique Citron

Tropique Ocean

Tucuman Ebony

Velocity Wren

Verse Honey

View Citron

View Sepia

View Shell

Visions Cobalt

Vitric Seaglass

Watercolor Blossom Cameo

Watercolor Blossom Capri

Wild Rosette

Woodgrain Ash

Yoko Breeze

Yoko Cameo

Yoko Mediterranean

Yoko Mist