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Your number one priority is helping your clients realize their vision. And to do that, you need high-quality products and solutions that meet the exact specifications of your project. At PureModern, we understand the importance of transforming your client’s vision into reality and we work collaboratively with you throughout the duration of your project to ensure a successful outcome – from creating drawings and renderings to providing product samples in situ so you can experience it hands-on before making a final decision. We know the details matter, which is why we work closely with you to understand the inspiration for your project and the desired outcome so that we can offer creative recommendations on how best to achieve your goals. And we believe that everyone benefits when both you and your clients receive the best possible value which is why we proactively seek Value Engineering opportunities to ensure you get the most for your client’s money.


PureModern guarantees the success of your project by adhering to a collaborative, hands-on, and proven four-step process that allows us to understand your needs, customize your perfect solution, and transform your vision into reality.


Step 1: Our first priority is to get to know you, your exact goals, and your project parameters before presenting you with every option available to you. 


Step 2: Equipped with a holistic understanding of what defines success for your project, we begin the process of collaboratively bringing your vision to life. From selecting the right materials, colors, finishes, and customization options to identifying Value Engineering opportunities, sampling materials, and reviewing CAD drawings and 3D models, your hands-on involvement fused with our deep expertise ensures every detail meets your exact specifications, from inception to completion.


Step 3: With all the critical details of your project identified and confirmed, we begin to finalize the details, confirming lead times, project milestones, and budget. 


Step 4: In the final phase of our four-step process, your project truly begins to come to life. Together, we review and finalize shop drawings and structural designs, confirm approval on colors and finishes, conduct hands-on material sampling, and finalize logistics. Then, we conduct on-site support to help ensure your vision comes to life exactly as you expected.


Our clients consistently choose PureModern because we are dedicated to their success; we help transform their visions into reality; we are deeply connected to our products; we have deep experience and expertise; we consistently deliver successful outcomes; we stand proudly behind our work and the solutions we provide. We know that no project is complete until our customers and their clients are completely satisfied.