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A place for everything: It's possible to have a place for everything with modern home storage from PureModern! We've found that when everything has a spot to rest, it makes it easier for everyone. Have you ever been asked where something is over and over? Such as where is my wallet or my keys? What about those darn magazines you love to read but are always piled up on the coffee table and sliding off at the slightest touch or those items that need to be in the garage but you have no garage. We'll help you organize your favorite items with our modern trunks, end tables & more! 


Minimalist Wedding Venue Design - Contemporary Planters Create Geometric Excitement
February 20, 2018

The right planter adds beauty and excitement to a minimalist wedding venue. Minimalist weddings are trending these days as many brides decide that the focus of the wedding ceremony should be on the love they share with their partner, rather...

Instantly Upgrade Your Art Gallery Interior with Tall Tapered Planters
February 19, 2018

Art galleries come in all shapes and sizes. From the minimalist decor of the super contemporary gallery downtown with its clean lines and white spaces, to the almost-cluttered, kitschy but mechanical look of the steampunk art gallery in your own...

Punch Up Conference Center Design with Fiberglass Planters
February 16, 2018

A conference center is a unique animal. Part meeting room, part dining room, part lounge or waiting area, part auditorium...a good conference center does it all. And because of that, conference centers have unique design needs that other spaces don’t...

Add Extraordinary Water Garden Effects Using Fiberglass Bowl Planters
February 14, 2018

Fiberglass bowl planters by PureModern are perfect for creating a water garden effect in any space. Creating a beautiful space for your customers to enjoy can take some effort. You have to consider the purpose of the space first and...