Tapered Square Planter, fiberglass, Matte Grey
Tapered Square Planter, fiberglass, Matte Grey
Tapered Square Planter Fiberglass, Green, Hotel, Custom
Tapered Square Planter Fiberglass, Matte Grey, Hotel
Modern Tapered Square Planter

Modern Tapered Square Planter

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Made to last generations these hand finished fiberglass planters are durable and stylish with a contemporary shape and faux Matte Grey exterior.

These tapered square planters are available in a standard Matte Grey finish or customized in one of 80 different RAL/British Standard colors (3-4 week additional lead time to customize in-stock items).

This modern square planter comes without drainage holes as standard, but we're happy to pre-drill them upon request at no additional cost.

Each Planter's Base & Top Are Square in Dimension:
Size 1: Base 9", Top 14", Ht 11" (4.4 lbs)
Size 2: Base 9", Top 14", Ht 16" (8.8 lbs)
Size 3: Base 10", Top 17", Ht 22" (11 lbs)
Size 4: Base 22", Top 28", Ht 30" (19.8 lbs)
Size 5: Base 51", Top 59", Ht 39" (weight n/a)
Size 6: Base 7", Top 11", Ht 32" (11 lbs)
Size 7: Base 9", Top 13", Ht 39" (15.4 lbs)
Size 8: Base 13", Top 20", Ht 39" (17.6 lbs)
Size 9: Base 12", Top 16", Ht 47" (22 lbs)
Size 10: Base 16", Top 24", Ht 55" (35.2 lbs)
Size 11: Base 22", Top 35", Ht 69" (59.4 lbs)

Ship Time: 7-10 days

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More About Our Planters:

Our planters are both lightweight and extremely durable, made from a tough Fiberglass exterior that is 100% frost proof, non-corrosive & maintenance-free, requiring only soapy water for normal cleaning. Easily withstands harsh elements without fear of cracking, splitting or warping.

Exterior Finish: Our textured exteriors are all constructed of sturdy fiberglass, yet finished to look identical to Hammered Aluminum, Faux Lead, Old Penny Bronze, or choose from 80 different RAL colors in Smooth Glossy or Matte finishes.

Powder coated finish provides a long-lasting, protective finish that is resistant to fading, scratching, chipping and even intense UV light, for a new or weathered look that maintains its character day after day. A serious alternative to expensive lead or bronze planters.

Fully Customizable: Our planters can be ordered to any size or texture specification. Perfect for intimate residential settings or large-scale commercial use - indoors or out. Call Toll Free at (888) 744-7790 for lead times & options.

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