Cavo Bio Ethanol Fireplace
Cavo Bio Ethanol Fireplace
Cavo Bio Ethanol Fireplace
Cavo Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Cavo Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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Elevate the heart and uplift the mind with a liberated Cavo ventless bio ethanol fireplace. The modern arched fireplace with two glass supports gives perception of floating fire. Its sophisticated yet elegant, with all the benefits of a bio ethanol fireplace has to offer. Perfect present for anyone as it is ventless, clean burning and no installation required. The Cavo ventless fireplace is light weight and can be used outdoors and indoor.


Dimensions 13.8" W x 9.8"H x 9.3"D
Black Finish
1 x 0.5 Liter Cylinder Burner made of 430 Stainless Steel
BTU 4,000; Flame 7 - 12" High
Burn Time is Approximately 4-6 Hours
Weight  7 lbs
TUV, UL, CUL Tested and Certified

Buying the proper fuel for your new fireplace is essential. Sold in packs of 6 or 12 liter bottles. Each liter provides 3-8 hours of burn time for your fireplace depending on conditions.

Moda Fuel plant derivative is made from only the purest ethyl alcohol and is of the highest quality fuels available on the market today. Moda fuels is the recommended fuel for all Moda Flame fireplaces. Moda fuels burns perfectly clean giving off CO2 and steam in similar proportions as that exhaled by humans. It is tested rigorously and consistently to ensure that air quality complies with the strict international government regulations. Moda fuels has been diligently working with laboratories and was thoroughly tested by the U.S. government (TTB) and received a certificate as a safe fireplace fuel for un-vented decorative fireplaces acceptable for use in North America.

- Non-toxic, smokeless, odorless and environmentally friendly fuel. 
- One liter of Moda fuel burns for approximately 3 to 8 hours depending on room conditions, model of fireplace and size of flame. 
- Made in U.S.A.

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