Simplicity, Color & Style: Millennial-Inspired Indoor Gardens

Posted on February 02, 2018

Low maintenance, art-inspired indoor gardens complement millennial lifestyles

Despite their reputation as fad-focused, fickle youth, Millennials are increasingly investing time and energy growing indoor plants and utilizing stylish, modern planters to create social media-worthy indoor gardens. According to the National Gardening Report, of the 6 million Americans who began gardening in 2016, 5 million of them were between the ages of 18 and 34. More and more young people are eager to identify themselves as “plant people” - either for environmental, self-care, or air-quality improvement reasons.

Cacti and other succulents lend themselves nicely to the Millennial lifestyle or to any beginning gardener, as they are easy to care for and require little water and maintenance. Here are some of the best easy-care succulents that Millennials - or anyone - can grow indoors.

Team Succulents & Fiberglass Planters for a Chic, No-Hassle, Indoor Garden

Aloe Vera

Aloe is functional as well as beautiful - its medicinal properties are wonderful for wounds and burns. Aloe requires bright sunlight, and only requires water when its leaves begin to feel dry. Aloe Vera plants would look stunning showcased in elegant, fiberglass planters such as PureModern’s PurePots, like the Short Cylinder Pot. PurePots modern planters come in a variety of unique, artistic colors and shapes, allowing the gardener unlimited design opportunities for their apartment or home.

Panda Plant

The panda plant gets its name from the white hairs covering its leaves, giving it a soft, fuzzy texture like a panda. As with other succulents, it should be watered infrequently; only when the leaves begin shriveling. The panda plant loves the dry, winter air in homes, making it easy to grow year-round, even in small, urban apartments. The light green coloring of the fuzzy leaves, finished off with brown spotted tips, would be showcased nicely in rich brown modern planters, like the Tapered Round Pot in Suede Bronze.


The Jade plant, or Crassula, is virtually impossible to kill, so it is a great easy-care succulent for a Millenial gardener. Jade can even bloom in the winter with white or pink clusters of blooms, if it has experienced restricted water for a while in the fall. Jade can be grown as a beautiful single specimen; or they make sensational mixed group plants, displayed with other succulents in handcrafted fiberglass planters, making tasteful windowsill displays.

Aloe Vera | Healthy Plants for the Home


The Millenial Gardener’s Design Aesthetic

Millenials claim to have plants in their apartments and homes for utilitarian purposes - to clean the air, to provide food, to help relax and self-nurture - but there seems to be an underlying influence of social media and gardening blogs on Millenials’ plant choices and displays, as well. Millenials like to associate gardening with a certain design aesthetic, whereas previous generations often appreciate gardening as a cultivated skill.  This younger generation is influenced to purchase, pot, and arrange plants according to examples they see on Instagram and other social sharing sites. They view gardening as an art form that offers a reflection of their style.

Certainly, the artistry of the container can influence one’s indoor garden aesthetic, whether the goal is sleek, elegant, or clean and simple. PurePots’ modern planters are available in cuboid, round, cylindrical, and bowl shapes and all feature UV protective automotive paint that is resistant to corrosion and light.  Browse all ready-made PurePots containers, or to request a quote for a custom planter, click here.

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