Setting the Mood at a Rooftop Bar with Contemporary Planters

Posted on March 10, 2018

Hip, upscale rooftop bars have experienced a surge in popularity in the last decade or so, creating a need for bar owners to make their rooftop spaces inviting, trendy and comfortable. One way to contribute to the mood of a rooftop bar is with stylish, contemporary planters, filled with attractive plants and flowers.

Is it a living room, garden, or bar?

While some rooftop bars are designed to primarily function as a dance club, most are filled with comfortable seating - like couches and cushioned benches and chairs - to encourage guests to sit, relax, drink, converse and stay awhile. The design of these rooftop bars - whether they are modern, tropical or classical in style - blurs the line between outdoor and indoor space.

Though patrons may feel like they’re in a friend’s living room, sitting on a couch, complete with throw pillows and a glass of wine, the elegant, contemporary planters and trees remind them that they are outside. If the landscaping at the bar is particularly lush, it may even contribute to the sensation that they’re sitting in a park or an illuminated secret garden, rather than the roof of an urban building!

Landscape to allow for photo ops

Rooftop bars are a favorite hangout for Millenials, who love taking selfies from a wall of the roof with a beautiful cityscape behind them, which they then post on social media sites like Instagram. This helps drive buzz about the bar as the “it” place to hang out.  To accommodate the selfie trend, keep contemporary planters and plants low along the rooftop walls (so as to not block the view), or create strategic breaks in a row of wall planters to allow “selfie spots” for picture-taking.

Choose planters for style and weatherability

When planning the landscaping for a rooftop bar, consider its geographical location and the seasonal weather patterns there. It’s important to select plant containers that not only complement the bar’s design and contribute to the ambiance, but are also functional and sturdy. If the bar is in a town or location with high winds (like Chicago, for instance), choose planters that are heavy and low to the ground to avoid them blowing over. Handcrafted bowl planters like the Tau Cratera Bowl Planter or the Artemis Bowl Planter are good choices for their low centers of gravity and solid weights. Low profile plants should be chosen, as well, reducing the risk of tipping and the damage to the plants in high winds.

Similarly, if the bar is in an area where it rains frequently, be sure to select high quality, contemporary planters with a durable finish that is resistant to corrosion, or with a metallic finish that will age gracefully over time, to develop a soft patina.  PurePots Square Cuboid Planter is a sleek, modern cube, finished with UV protective automotive paint that resists corrosion, frost, and UV light, and would look sensational on a rooftop, holding manicured shrubs or tall trees.

In warm, coastal locations, select colorful, oversized tapered or bowl planters filled with native foliage, like palms, that will contribute to the tropical aesthetic, as well as provide natural canopy shade to keep guests cool on warm, humid afternoons.

PureModern offers custom planters to aid you in your designs. Request a quote today.

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