Set Color & Style Tones with a Variety of Trough Planters

Jun 21, 2017

Indoor trough planters are an inviting, vibrant addition to a home’s aesthetic. Plants are largely beneficial to a person’s health, and having plants around a living area can benefit a person’s physical and mental state. 

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Trough Planters — a Welcome Addition to any Home (when Properly Sized) 

When installed in the right type of trough planters, the addition of plants in a home can be extremely comforting to the eye. The word “proper” is emphasized here, as it’s important to respect color & style tones when installing indoor or outdoor trough planters. Additionally, size and scale should be respected as well; large planters are certainly appealing to prospective buyers, but a trough planter that is too big for the area it’s installed in can unfavorably warp the aesthetics of that area. Conversely, when set in an area with decently large furniture laid out over a wide open space, undersized trough planters can produce a considerably underwhelming effect, and can serve to inhibit the overall impression of the area’s aesthetic. As with all facets of design, it’s important for designers and homeowners to choose an indoor or outdoor planter that is ideally sized for the area. 

Choosing Color and Style Tones for Indoor & Outdoor Trough Planters 

As we touched on above, it’s crucial for designers and homeowners to choose a trough planter whose color and style tones complement the area they’re set in. This is particularly true when it comes to indoor planters, as the aesthetic of an indoor area is dependent on so many factors, such as tabletop furniture, wall color, flooring material, and more. With so many potential items to influence a room’s overall color scheme in an indoor area, homeowners and designers must spend ample time reflecting on the proper indoor planters to choose for the room in question. Outdoor planters, on the other hand, can be chosen more liberally, as there are typically less items of furniture influencing the scheme of the outdoor area. Still, for homeowners looking to optimize the aesthetic appeal of a back or front yard, the importance of choosing the properly colored trough planter cannot be understated. 

Room Dividers & Versatile Focal Points 

Due to the sheer versatility of trough planters, they come with their fair share of appeal for homeowners. Outdoor trough planters come in various sizes and shapes that make it easy to design pleasing effects. Some eye-catching ideas include grouping multiple elevated garden beds, or creating homes for miniature evergreen plantings. Indoor trough planters can be great room dividers. When used strategically indoors or outdoors, trough planters offer appealing focal points for homeowners and their guests.

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