Round & Tapered Planters Create an Inviting Atmosphere at a Performing Arts Center

Posted on December 05, 2017

Creating an inviting atmosphere in design is all about reducing hard edges and leading people towards a common area with gentle curves. The atmosphere of a performing arts center is particularly important. The interior decor in the lobby area should make guests feel welcome, and provide a comfortable space to discuss the performance, or congregate during intermission . One way to create the ideal setting at a performance art center is to focus the design on simple and elegant greenery. PureModern’s selection of round planters and tapered planters you use can help you achieve the perfect setting.

Pure Pots help create an inviting atmosphere at a performing arts center.


Round Planters Draw People In

When choosing round planters for your space, you’ll find that people are naturally drawn inward by the circular shape and smooth surface. Your greenery can drape gracefully over all the sides of the planter, which gives any space a comforting, charming appeal.

The Artemis Bowl Planter is an excellent example of how a round planter can make any space feel inviting. Made of lightweight and durable fiberglass, then fused with metals that will age with a lovely patina over time, these planters can be used in many different ways. Create pathways with gentle borders or make a large, open space feel more cozy with round planters.

Tapered Planters Add Elegance to Your Space

If your performing arts center needs to exude elegance, tapered planters are your perfect option. These give the sleek appearance of modern design, and can still be used to define a style. Choose something with a lot of drama for a glamorous event, such as the Lloyd Vase Planter, or carry on a very natural and zen-like design with something like our Axiom Square Tapered Planter.

Tapered planters are a versatile option for small spaces. These are perfect for supporting small trees and plants that need more structure to be presented well. You can also use them to add a finishing touch to an awkward nook in your space.

Don’t See What You’re Looking For? Go Custom

PureModern offers a way to create the perfect space for any event or venue. If you don’t see the right kind of planter for your performing arts center, we can help you create a custom planter. We’ll discuss with you what your needs are and what style you want to infuse your space with – and then we’ll get to work creating exactly the right piece for the job. Our turnaround time can be as little as 12 working days or even less if you need it sooner than later. Get in touch with us to learn more about our custom planters for your performing arts center, or for a special upcoming event or show.

Order your custom planters today from PureModern.

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