Refresh Your Outdoor Commercial Space with Tapered Planters

Posted on September 25, 2017

Interior designers and anyone else involved in decorating commercial spaces already knows that this is, perhaps, one of the most challenging areas of interior décor. Everything chosen has to be able to withstand the sort of wear and tear of a commercial setting. Issues relating to light, foot traffic and even safety codes have to be taken into consideration. This is true whether the space is indoors or outdoors, and because of that, many designers avoid the use of items that can be easily broken or even seen as unnecessary elements.

Modern planters, for example, are not always integrated into a commercial space unless there is a definitive "need". However, modern styles now have plenty of room for the use of functional or non-functional accessories ideally suited to softening or strengthening lines, serving as dividers or reinforcing some part of the overall style. This is why a tapered planter is such a commonly chosen element for outdoor commercial spaces.

Modern Planters and Tapered Forms

To keep it simple, the "tapered" form is one that is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. It can be quite angular and rigid or it can have much softer elements, like a classic vase. When used in an outdoor commercial space, though, a tapered planter is typically quite substantial and used to support or improve the overall design scheme.

There are many ways that modern planters in a tapered form can be put to use. Alone or in groups, made of unusual or familiar materials, and in any range of colors, they are an excellent way to quickly update or refresh even the most dated outdoor, commercial spaces.

Some Simple Examples

PureModern specializes in truly unique tapered planter options and other kinds of modern planters. Their tapered shapes include what you might anticipate, with strong lines and regular forms. However, they also have more untraditional forms that can add an amazingly strong element to any setting. Our Sky Planter is a fine example. It is a tapered planter with a ceramic look. Made of fiberglass, it is finished in metallic hues and yet has an earthy appearance, ideally suited to larger plants or even small trees.

At the other end of the spectrum is our Latona Planter, with an industrial look depicting riveted steel that has rusted and formed a patina. Rounded in their overall form, they are simultaneously hard and soft; making them perfect for just the right amount of "pop" or flourish to a commercial space. One of our edgiest planters is Planter Ground, which is equal parts sculpture and planter. Mounted to an oversized metal base that serves as a platform, it features an extremely tapered planter that is conical in form and made from the same metal. Placed in the center of a courtyard or as a boundary for an outdoor space, it would be an instant show stopper.

PureModern is pleased to offer you these design ideas featuring our tapered planter collection. Don't overlook the use of our modern planters if you want to add a refreshing element to almost any outdoor commercial area.

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