Reflect Workplace Culture with Custom Fiberglass Planters

Posted on March 07, 2018

In organizational settings, it is ideal for the physical surroundings - building, decor, landscaping - to reflect the culture of that workplace in order to create aesthetic harmony. One important key to reflecting the organization’s work culture is to use superior quality fiberglass planters — both indoors and outdoors — to enhance the office decor.

Modern planters are the perfect tool to add to a commercial interior designer’s (or landscape designer’s) toolkit. Handcrafted fiberglass planters come in dozens of sizes, shapes and colors, offering lots of versatility to achieve the look of any workplace culture. If an off-the-shelf modern planter cannot be found to match the vision of the organization, try a bespoke one, instead; custom-made fiberglass planters allow for personalized design specifications, down to the last detail.

Stylish, upscale planters for professional business services

If the workplace culture is traditional and professional — like many companies in the financial, legal, insurance or real estate industries — choose elegant, upscale fiberglass planters to embody and represent this perspective. There are many commercial planters from Pure Modern that would add value to a high-end, professional service culture. For example, square Clapton Planters, featuring a long octagonal inset on a classy charcoal grey background, offer a modern twist on traditional style.

Warm simplicity for caring cultures

For a workplace culture that is softer and more focused on public service, a different type of plant container could be utilized - one that reflects compassionate care, healing and learning. Workplaces like hospitals, dentist and doctor’s offices, and educational settings can reflect their caring culture with  planters featuring “warmer” shapes and colors.

Round pots and bowl planters are perfect for caring organizations to reflect their softer side. PurePots Round Sake Pot comes in a number of sizes and colors and features a lovely tapered cylindrical shape like a sake cup. The Ravenna Planter is a beautiful, tiered bowl that would be warm and inviting in a dental waiting room or hospital lobby.

Classy, utilitarian planters for industrial organizational cultures

For businesses in manufacturing, energy, shipping/logistics, or similar manual industries, the landscape design - including fiberglass planters - should reflect a hard-working, hands-on, utilitarian workplace culture. They need not be grey and dull. Bring a smile to employees’ and clients’ faces with stylish, commercial plant containers containing a variety of functional and aesthetically-pleasing plants and flowers.

Choose simple shapes and designs, like PurePots Wide Rectangular Cuboid planters, available in five sizes and eighteen colors.  Square planters - like the Orion Planter with a slight taper at the bottom - are also stylish but functional planters for an industrial workplace.

Sleek modernity for high-tech work cultures

If a workplace culture is technology-oriented (software, computer hardware, communications, or mobile apps) reflect the connectivity of the daily work environment using sleek, modern planters with interesting angles and shapes. Broadcast to visitors and employees that the company values a rich, contemporary, high-tech aesthetic by choosing modern metal planters such as the asymmetrical, aluminum Element 44 Planter.  

Plant containers can contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic in the workplace. Need something totally unique? Have custom fiberglass and metal planters tailor-made for your organization. Find out more and request a custom planter quote here.

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