Punch Up Conference Center Design with Fiberglass Planters

Posted on February 16, 2018

A conference center is a unique animal. Part meeting room, part dining room, part lounge or waiting area, part auditorium...a good conference center does it all. And because of that, conference centers have unique design needs that other spaces don’t have. For instance, how do you create an inviting space that’s warm and intimate while still being large enough to hold several thousand audience members? How do you carve out smaller break-out meeting rooms? How do you create a dining area that’s beautiful and functional? And what about those times in between keynote speakers...where do you put people who just have 10 minutes to kill between conference sessions?

Plants Can Help With All of This and More

A lot of these challenges can be solved through the strategic use of plants and trees in fiberglass planters. Using plants in your decor gives you a whole new element to play with -- a living, breathing element that gives back to the environment while adding beauty at the same time. Studies have shown that plants clean the air and help reduce sickness in office environments. They reduce dry air, and also help reduce noise, both of which are common problems in large conference center spaces. Having plants around promotes a feeling of relaxation and helps reduce stress. And plants also help increase creativity. With all these benefits, it makes sense to include plants in your conference center design.

Claim Your Space

Use plants in fiberglass planters like the Cube Planters by PureModern to delineate seating areas in the middle of large conference center hallways. Taller plants like dieffenbachia, fiddle leaf fig, or ficus tree make the perfect “wall” between passing attendees and those trying to make a quick phone call or check email in a seating area. A long row of these trees would make a stunning focal point for any space, whether indoors or out, and could be placed to facilitate foot traffic at the same time. Use the Gratia Tall Trough Planter with a mix of greens and flowering plants to highlight smaller individual seating areas, one or two chairs at a time.

Fiberglass Planters are Beautiful and Versatile

PureModern also offers fiberglass planters in bright colors and unique designs. Fill the bright red Lloyd Vase Planter with tall fountain grass for a beautiful effect that adds grace to any building entrance. Use the shorter, wider Athens Bowl Planter in copper, fill it with cacti or jade plants and you’ve created a unique centerpiece for each table in the dining area. Fiberglass planters are lightweight, durable, and built to last. These modern planters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and can be custom manufactured to fit your unique conference center needs and specifications.

Punch up your conference center design with fiberglass planters from PureModern. If you’d like a quote on custom-made fiberglass planters for your projects, fill out this form, and a friendly expert from PureModern will get back to you right away to get you started.

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