Perfect Corporate Lobby Design Impressions Start with Modern Planters

Posted on March 16, 2018

In the world of business first impressions are everything. The way you dress, the way you speak, the way you shake hands...whether you like it or not, you’re being judged by the person you’ve just met. If you want them to take you seriously, their first impression of you had better be a good one. The same principle applies to an office space. In fact, as a business owner, your office is an extension of you as a business person. The impression you make with your office space is critical to your business success.

The Receptionist Isn’t Alone

Lobby design is a critical element of the office space. It’s the company’s version of that first handshake. You may not realize it, but your lobby is about much more than just greeting clients. It provides a space for expanded branding options. The person entering your lobby should know what company they’re visiting. Make sure your lobby fits with your corporate branding guidelines and speaks to who your business is as an entity.

Make Your Lobby Work In Your Favor

The lobby is also the first space your employees see each morning when they come to work. A lobby that exudes a feeling of vibrant energy and success raises employee morale and sets the mood for a productive day. Put your lobby in charge of employee morale.

Finally, your lobby can put in some overtime - it’s not just an empty space with a receptionist’s desk anymore. Creating small meeting areas for quick conversations extends the use of your lobby area and makes it work as hard for your business as that receptionist does.

Modern Planters Answer All Your Design Needs

When designing a corporate lobby, there’s one design element that works everywhere. Modern planters filled with a variety of flowers or plants can really spruce a lobby up and make an impact on all who pass through. Today’s fiberglass planters are an especially good choice. Available in a wide array of sizes and colors, their durability makes them a perfect choice for corporate lobbies. They’re lightweight, as well. Move them around the lobby as needed and try on different looks.

Fiberglass Planters Enhance Your Corporate Space

PureModern has some terrific planters to consider. For instance, the PurePots Divider Cuboid is a versatile planter that adds not only beauty, but some serious style to a lobby area. This fiberglass planter is available not only in a wide variety of colors to match your interior design, but also in several metallic finishes. Use this planter to create low walls around a seating area for those spur-of-the-moment client discussions that need a little privacy.  

If you’re looking to fill up an empty corner or two, the Axiom Square Tapered Planter, also from PureModern, might be just what you need. The vertical aesthetic of this graceful planter makes for a great pairing option. Purchased in two different heights, these planters look great filled with taller ferns or a contrasting mound of bright flowers. It definitely says you’re serious about your corporate look.

Customizable for Your Specific Needs

Use fiberglass planters to create an exciting corporate lobby. Whether your visitor is the CEO of your best client, or your kids coming to visit after school, everyone will notice how they feel as they enter the lobby. It will linger after they leave, too.  If you’re interested in learning more, PureModern can help. Click here to get started with a custom quote.

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