Natural Designer: Go for Healthy Interiors that Pop with Color

Posted on January 02, 2018

PureModern PurePots and your choice of indoor plants and trees give a style boost and contribute to cleaner air.

Combine colorful accents to your interior design and improve air quality by adding indoor plants and trees in stunning fiberglass planters to your home or commercial space. Your rooms will benefit from an influx of color - from the plants themselves, as well as from the modern planters in which they’re living - and from the cleaner air produced by indoor plants. PureModern’s line of PurePots fiberglass planters offer an exceptional finish and are available in dozens of colors and shapes.

Healthy interiors are important. Discover the benefits of adding potted greenery to your indoor space.

Discover Natural Ways to Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Because people spend about 90% of their time indoors, it’s important to consider air quality inside as well as outside. Indoor air contaminants come in the form of particulates emitted by upholstery/furniture, cleaning products and building materials, plus bacteria, mold, and the outdoor air pollution and pollen that make their way inside.

Rather than invest in expensive air filtration systems for your home or commercial space, plants are nature’s inexpensive, but highly effective, way of making indoor air healthier to breathe. Indoor trees and house plants - and their root systems and soil microbes - work to clean the air by converting harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds, like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia) into harmless compounds that they then use for food. Plants can also reduce levels of carbon monoxide in the air by 90%. Studies have also shown that when plants are present in office environments, employees experience fewer headaches and sore throats, less fatigue and fewer absences!

Air-Cleaning Plants that Contribute to the Overall Aesthetic

Especially good choices for tall air-cleaning indoor plants are bamboo palms, ficus, fiddle leaf fig, and red edged dracaena. Ideal modern planters for these taller plants include PurePots’ Tall Cylinder Pot, the Round Sake Pot, and the Tapered Cylinder. The ficus plant is often named the best plant for offices, due to its striking, elegant look and its ability to purify indoor air. For smaller air purifying plants like mums, peace lilies, aloe, spider plants, and Boston ferns, choose a shorter cylindrical pot, a bowl-shaped planter, or a Short Rectangular Cuboid planter for a modern or minimalist design look.

In addition to the air filtration benefits of indoor trees and plants, your home or commercial work space will benefit from the colorful aesthetics of adding live greenery in modern planters. By adding indoor plants in high-quality fiberglass planters, your home or workspace will pop with a burst of color - the green of leaves and the pinks, oranges, whites, and purples of flowering plants. And, if you select modern planters like PurePots, you’ll have dozens of colors to choose from for the planters, as well.

PureModern PurePots Help Create an Artistic Statement

PurePots are commercial-grade fiberglass planters with an exceptional finish that is UV-resistant. These planters make an artistic statement to complement your interior design and make your indoor plants and trees beautiful focal points of the room. PurePots, like the Tapered Round Pot, come in a variety of modern planter colors - from the more traditional (like black, bronze and metallic silver) to the unconventional (like Fire Red, Lemon, Sunset Orange, and Wild Grass).

When designing with PurePots and plants - especially those best at cleaning air - you can achieve an elegant, upscale aesthetic as well as healthier indoor air.

Ready to pump up your style and indoor air quality? Request a quote for a custom planter here.

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