Modern Design Updates for a Small Bathroom

Posted on January 16, 2017

There are many appropriate ways to decorate a small bathroom without giving it a cumbersome look, and since giving a small bathroom a larger feel is something that many people want to achieve, why not learn to do just that? Adding modern design updates to a bathroom will not only make it appear more sizeable, it will give it the fresh and functional look you desire.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger By Using Tapered Planters

Being able to trick our eyes into believing that a room is bigger than it really is, is something along the lines of magic. One particularly easy and appealing trick is placing a tapered planter in the corner of a bathroom, as this has the ability to steal the focus of any incoming guest. Many interior decorators have stressed the importance of having a plant in every single room of a house, but many people forget that this recommendation also extends to the bathroom. Putting a tapered planter in a bathroom can be used to conceal a number of imperfections as well as deviate someone’s attention away from how small the bathroom really is.

Here are some easy and modern design updates that can give any small bathroom a cosmic look:

  • Painting a small bathroom white and adding a tapered planter can create a modern look. Accompany the planter with some bamboo to give off a neutral yet accommodating feel.
  • Don’t over crowd counters with toiletries. Instead, hide all personal objects inside of drawers or invest in some floating shelves.
  • Do not cover up the bathroom's window with curtains, as this will make the room appear even smaller than it is. Don’t want to lose your privacy? Get your window tinted from the outside to provide privacy.
  • Make sure that your bathroom has a sufficient lighting, and then add a large mirror to give the illusion of space. Don’t like the thought of having a large mirror? Use two smaller ones and position them facing each other. As this can also trick the eyes into believing that the washroom is a lot larger than it actually is.

Using A Stainless Steel Planter To Create A Modern Look

Using a stainless steel planter can also be very beneficial for a small bathroom, and this is because it has some reflective properties. As mentioned previously, when a small room is accompanied by reflective surfaces, it can give off the illusion of grandeur and considerable size. Also, using a stainless steel planter can help you achieve a more modern look, and this is due to the fact that it is elegant, clean and ageless.

By carefully selecting the right accessories and knowing which modern design updates to choose from, you can easily upgrade your small bathroom thus making it appear larger in size.

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