Modern Design is About Repeating Shapes

Posted on April 07, 2018

Many different design elements need to be taken into consideration when designing the perfect interior or exterior space. Basic design principles of color, line, space, form, light, texture, and pattern all play a vital role when designing any space, regardless of the intended purpose of that space. Look around. Whether it’s a living room, the corner coffee shop, or the city’s art museum, you’ll find these basic elements put to good use.

Take it to a New Level

Good designers know that in order to take a space to the next level, it’s necessary to go above and beyond these principles. Implementing the use of repetition as a modern design element is a creative way to take an uninspiring space to a whole new level. Repetition, either in color, shape, or other artistic element, creates impact and pulls the whole look together. Repeated touches of the same color throughout a room provide a comforting sense of unity and cohesion; the repeated use of a specific shape denotes relaxation, and a feeling of groundedness.

Take a Tip from the Master

Frank Lloyd Wright was a master at using repeating shapes and patterns in his design work. That can easily be seen in his Prairie-style houses, which reflect his repeated use of this technique. Windows, ceilings, carpets, chairs, and tables often display the same shape or pattern in some form. The end result is a home that has a strange sense of unity and “togetherness” that few other architects have managed to achieve.

Try It Yourself

If you’re struggling to breathe new life into an existing space, consider the use of metal planters as a design tool. Available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes, metal planters are a quick and easy way to add impact through the repetition of shapes. As an example, take the Modern Elite Tower Planter from PureModern. This is a great one to start with because of its versatility. Available in three sizes, this metal planter gives you a lot to work with. Try lining three of them up, one in front of the other, from smallest to largest. Fill each with a bright green fern, and suddenly you’ve added motion to the space in the form of a stair-step pattern.

Create Reverberations in the Space

Another option is the Modern Elite Cube Planter. This sturdy, square planter is perfect for a room that already has a lot of squares in it. Square end tables, footstools, or light fixtures are all enhanced by the use of this metal planter. Made from heavy-gauge, marine-grade aluminum with a powder-coated finish inside and out, this modern planter is also available in custom-order sizes and finishes. Use it sparingly in the corners of the room, or go bold with a row of them in the center of the space. Either way, the repeated use of the square shape will provide a feeling of continuity throughout.

Modern planters easily lend themselves to repetition. Use them wherever you need to pull a space together and make it stand out. Get started with a custom quote from PureModern.

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