Modern Backyard Design Ideas: Accessorizing Contemporary Planters

Posted on June 14, 2017

Contemporary backyard design elements, such as modern outdoor lighting and horizontal trough planters, will be seeing renewed relevance in 2017. The following are a few backyard complementary items budding designers should keep their eyes on. These can be combined with any of PureModern’s stunning contemporary planters to achieve stylish effects in the garden. 

contemporary planters & modern outdoor lighting

Aguo Stainless Steel Watering Cans 

These watering cans, while designed for functionality in mind, offer a sharp, vibrant complementary piece to a garden area. Characterized by their long funnels, the design of these watering cans exemplifies ultra modernity, and that funnel makes it really fun to water the plants! 

Aurora Glow Art Glass Solar String Lights 

Design trends of recent years centered on a dreamy, ethereal quality in the backyard. Homeowners strived to make their gardens seem as though they were from another planet. That’s why modern outdoor lighting options such as the Aurora Glow Art Glass Solar String Lights are incredibly useful. When strung along trees or over the wood fixtures supporting grapevines, these lights add a romantic, foreign feel to even the most domestic backyard, especially when complementing the appropriate outdoor furniture. 

Borea Bird Feeder: Design Meets Functionality 

Homeowners can think like designers with a little help from PureModern. 2017 garden design trends are largely seeing a return to natural gardening form, with emphasis on functionality and sustainability. In that context, there’s no better time to opt for a slick looking bird feeder. The Nido Bird Feeder is just that. By setting up one of these in a backyard, homeowners can enjoy the light tweeting of well-fed birds as they enjoy their morning coffee on the patio. Along with this bird feeder one can design a pleasant area for birds to congregate. Birds like the ability to quickly grab seeds then retreat into nearby greenery. PureModern’s cube planters added to a courtyard or patio landscape will create an instant habitat when they are filled with miniature evergreens.  

 Soji Original Solar Lantern 

In 2017, the ideal backyard will incorporate traditional elements of garden functionality in tandem with new technological innovations. For this purpose, the Soji Original Solar Lantern is a great garden idea. Outdoor solar lights are useful while being entirely self-sufficient. Also, they look great, especially when multiple copies are layered out in a path leading to the garden. 

Like any area of a home, all elements of a backyard should work well together at a fundamental level. Once the basic layout and main items of a backyard are chosen, that’s when designers can have fun by experimenting with the wide range of complementary garden options. There are only a few listed here, but there are dozens of outdoor add-ons at a designer’s disposal. 

Remember to start by reviewing the diverse planter options PureModern offers - they can be grouped and then accessorized to deliver striking looks for home or commercial spaces.

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