Mix & Match: Set the Mood with Round, Small, & Tall Planters

Posted on December 06, 2016

Spice Up the Variety of Your Planters


There are a variety of planter options available at PureModern to create a specific look in your garden or indoor space. With a number of sizes, colors, and designs, our indoor and outdoor planters are the perfect addition to any garden setting.  With all the options at your disposal, there are a few ways that you can spice up the variety of your planters.  Here are some things to consider when choosing your planter:


  • Think about the eventual height of the plants.
  • What their shape will be.
  • What growth habits they may have.


The most successful garden arrangements typically feature a combination of upright, broad, or trailing plants


Planter Layout That Accentuates Your Plants’ Foliage

Foliage is as important as color in creating a successful container planting. When you have decided upon the layout of your planters, think about the size of the containers and how the leaves on various plants will look compared to the other plants’ foliage and their planters. Contrasting foliage and large planters will grab the eye and can create an exciting texture combination. For example, tall outdoor planters such as the Modern Elite Tapered Planter come in 6 different colors from gloss white to matte black. They also are available in 3 sizes of 24”, 32”, and 40” tall. There is no question that you can find the proper size and color that will make your foliage pop.


Photo: http://www.puremodern.com/products/modern-elite-tapered-planter

Add Balance to Your Space by Varying Planter Size, Shape & Color

A well-balanced planting arrangement can be as visually appealing as a great painting. The goal is to generate energy and excitement by combining sizes, shapes and colors that complement one another. PureModern planters offer a sleek and stylish look that was designed to stand the test of time visually as well as structurally. When selecting flower and foliage colors, you will want to think about the color, size and shape of both the tall outdoor planters as well as the outside space, building or room that they occupy. Creating a winning plant combination is easier than you might think. And even experienced designers and their clients can still benefit from an expert opinion.


Contact a PureModern professional today to see which tall and large planters will work best for you.

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