Minimalist Wedding Venue Design - Contemporary Planters Create Geometric Excitement

Posted on February 20, 2018

The right planter adds beauty and excitement to a minimalist wedding venue.

Minimalist weddings are trending these days as many brides decide that the focus of the wedding ceremony should be on the love they share with their partner, rather than on an outlandish wedding dress, puppies as party favors, or a 100-foot-long ‘American Dream’ limo with a heated Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a swimming pool, and a helipad. If you have a client with that kind of money who wants an extravagant wedding, by all means go for it. The sky’s the limit! But if your client is a bit more...shall we say,’ll need to find simple ways to create elegance and beauty that enhance a ceremony of this magnitude and significance without going overboard.

Geometric Planters’ Clean Lines & Sharp Angles Offer Excitement

As the designer, it’s your job to bring out the elegance in simple things - and PureModern can help with its collection of geometric planters. Plants in geometric planters can be used throughout a minimalist wedding venue to draw the attention of the guests right to where it needs to be--on the happy couple. The clean lines and sharp angles of these fiberglass planters stand out against a simple monochromatic backdrop, thereby drawing the eye towards them. They can add grace to reception tables, add a touch of color to the cake table, and welcome guests as they enter the venue. Wherever you want attention focused, geometric planters get the task done.

Simple Elegance That Works in a Variety of Venues

Modern planters today come in myriad shapes, sizes, and colors, including custom creations you can order from PureModern. For example, the Modern Elite Tapered Planter makes an elegant showcase for gorgeous lilies in a color chosen by the bride. Tuck this planter into corners around the room, and you’ll have added just the right touch of color. Carry that theme forward and frame the couple with lilies as they say their vows. PureModern’s geometric planters can be customized to your specifications, so you get the size and color you need to bring your bride’s vision to life.

Geometric planters can also help set a tone of simplicity in a contemporary waterfront wedding. Place PureModern’s Twisted Planters along the length of the aisle, and install leafy palms for the perfect contrast. Design with several; from 13” -31” high. Available standard in a hammered Matte Grey finish or customized in one of 80 different RAL/British Standard colors, these geometric planters can become a designer’s ‘go-to’ choice.

Punch Up the Look at the Reception with Contrasting or Complementary Colors

Modern planters can also be used to create excitement at the reception. Create a centerpiece for each table with a Tau Cratera Small Tapered Planter, filled with a simple bouquet of violets or daisies. You can really punch up the look by choosing a fiberglass planter in a contrasting or a complementary color. None of the guests will accuse you of leaving the minimalist theory behind. But they will remember how perfect the venue looked the day their best friend got married.

If you don’t see the size or color planter you need, get a custom quote by filling out this form. We’ll work with you to get just the look you want for your bride’s special day!

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