Instantly Upgrade Your Art Gallery Interior with Tall Tapered Planters

Posted on February 19, 2018

Art galleries come in all shapes and sizes. From the minimalist decor of the super contemporary gallery downtown with its clean lines and white spaces, to the almost-cluttered, kitschy but mechanical look of the steampunk art gallery in your own neighborhood, art gallery decor manifests its own unique personality based on the space, the artist, and the type of art on display.

Tapered Planters’ Graceful Lines Work Well Anywhere

One design element that can instantly upgrade the interior of any art gallery regardless of its style, size, location, or owner, is a selection of modern planters. Tall, tapered planters from Pure Modern, with their graceful lines and smaller bases sweeping up to a wider opening at the top, are classic enough to add timeless beauty, but modern enough to contribute to the interior design of any art gallery.

Planters as Part of the Exhibition

Take a look at the Geo Vase from PureModern. This one is a perfect example of a tapered planter that would work well in the aforementioned steampunk gallery. Finished in Old Penny Bronze, this planter’s round shape is a perfect complement to the wheels and cogs of the steampunk gallery. Fill these planters with gravel and top with uniquely weathered stones as a focal point for the gallery. Or use them on either side of the front door to draw guests into the space. Either way, this beautiful vase is a great way to upgrade the interior decor and add an interesting element to it.

If a more classical look is what you’re in need of, consider using the Russell Vase Planter, which features more traditional Victorian lines. Great for filling up narrow spaces, try filling the black planter with red poppies, a la Vincent Van Gogh. A stunning touch!

Stunning Colors Stand Out

For a punch of color in that all-white classically contemporary gallery, you can’t go wrong with Tau Dividum Tapered Tower Planter. Available in a wide array of stunning colors including lemon yellow, royal blue, and fire red, this intriguing, rectangular tapered planter adds interest all on its own. Filled with gorgeous greenery and scattered throughout the gallery, you’ve quickly added a burst of color to your contemporary setting. Order the planter in white to blend in with the rest of the white backspace, and save the punch of color for the flowers themselves. Line them up like soldiers and they’ll help facilitate the flow of foot traffic throughout the gallery.

Beautiful and Durable Commercial Planters

PureModern’s tapered planters come in a stunning array of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. Made of sturdy fiberglass, PureModern’s planters are lightweight, maintenance-free, non-corrosive, frost-proof options for your interior gallery designs. And with PureModern’s custom order program, it’s easy to get exactly the look you need for your art gallery interior. Use this form to request a custom quote for your art gallery. Regardless of the look you’re trying to achieve, tapered planters can play the part.

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