Inexpensive Ways to Add a Contemporary Look to Your Kitchen

Posted on January 20, 2017

A kitchen is the most used room in any home, so it's important to be happy with its look and utility. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen to give it a new contemporary look, but do not want to spend a fortune to do so, you’ll be happy to know that there are inexpensive ways to achieve your goals.

Use a large indoor planter to add style to your kitchen

A great way to add a contemporary feel to any kitchen is to add an indoor planter to its setting. Doing so will manipulate the kitchen’s environment and add a richness to the air that only plants can offer. To give your kitchen the modern look you desire, you can choose from many different planter materials, as this will depict the intensity of contemporariness. If your kitchen has metallic undertones, choosing a stainless steel planter can add a certain flair to your decor, instantly making it look more fashionable.

Don’t overcrowd your kitchen with too many plants, get a large planter box instead

If you want to give your kitchen a clean and modern look, you need to be prepared to make some changes. However, these changes will all be positive ones and so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Instead of overcrowding your counters with various indoor planters, it is recommended to use one large planter box and fashion it with tasteful greenery. Having flowers, herbs, and plants growing in this planter will not only make your kitchen seem brighter and outdoorsy, but it will turn around your kitchen’s look completely.

Simplicity at its best: Inexpensive ways to modify your kitchen

When decorating with the hopes of achieving a modern look, remember that simplicity is key and that adding too many kitchen accessories will give your home an unorganized feel. Here are some simple yet effective ways to give your kitchen the contemporary spin you desire.

  • Vacate your kitchen counters; leaving your toaster, water boiler, blender, and other kitchen appliances out can make your kitchen look overcrowded. Leaving your appliances out can also have a negative effect if they are not made out of modern materials. Find easy storage options to optimize practicality without jeopardizing your decor.
  • Get better lighting; all too often kitchens are poorly lit which stops them from showing off their overall ingenuity. Replace your light bulbs with incandescent ones and make sure that your indoor planters are properly lit, as this can promote growth and manipulate the path of vision.
  • Replace one or two of your kitchen cabinets with glass; this will make your kitchen look bigger and more modern. To maximize this change, invest in some nice wine glasses or plates and place them behind the open-concept cabinets.

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