How to Set a 60's Garden Vibe with PureModern PurePots

Posted on February 06, 2018

The 1960’s was a decade of change; the cultural and societal shifts that were bringing focus to family life in suburbia had an effect on yards and gardens.  The backyard became a swinging place to play lawn games, relax, grow flowers and host parties. To recreate the garden vibe of the 1960’s into your landscape design, incorporate curved paths, evergreen plantings, roses, paving stones, and fiberglass planters in bold, retro colors.

Gardens of the 1960’s tended to be tidy and well-maintained, including big, green immaculately-maintained lawns. In contrast to the straight lines popular in gardens in the 1950’s, the 60’s were all about the curve. Winding paths and rounded terraces were all the rage, sprinkled with colorful contemporary planters holding a variety of in-vogue plants.

PurePots come in a variety of colors and work well in homes or gardens

PurePots - The Modern Choice for Echoing 1960’s Style

Conifers and evergreens were popular at the time, either planted in the yard or in large containers on the terrace or patio. For today’s garden, channel the 60’s by planting dwarf conifers - such as Golden Starlet or Valley Cushion (mountain pine) - in handcrafted PurePots fiberglass planters from PureModern. The X-Large Square Cuboid in Metallic Midas is a perfect choice for a tall, retro-chic conifer.

Roses were popular in many gardens in the 1960’s - their bold colors and manicured looks embraced the style of that era. Other popular plants included iris, orchids and philodendron. As houseplants also came into fashion in the 60’s, many people began growing plants like dwarf umbrella trees and snake plants (sanseveria) inside. Cylinder and bowl-shaped contemporary planters were popular, especially in bold 60’s colors like mustard yellow, army green, pumpkin orange and turquoise.

Classic, Vintage Planter Shapes

PurePots fiberglass planters by PureModern offer classic, vintage shapes and colors to recapture the 60’s garden vibe. A snake plant - popular in the 1960’s because of its modernistic look - would be showcased perfectly in a Round Cylinder Pot in Sunset Orange, or a vibrant PurePots Bowl in Palm Springs Blue. Sitting on your curved terrace, complete with paver stones and patio furniture with brightly striped cushions, these planters will transplant you back in time to a simpler era.  

Hanging baskets were also in vogue, filled with trendy plants like pothos trailing plants. Often, they were seen hanging in macrame plant hangers, which made a splash in the 60’s and 70’s, and could be found in many homes and businesses.

Tall, tapered planters were frequently seen in the 60’s, as well, to complement the mid-century modern architectural and interior design of that decade. To embody the 60’s garden vibe in today’s home or garden, PurePots from PureModern offers exceptional contemporary planters in tapered designs, with bright, bold color choices. The Fluted Round Planter features sleek, wide ridges reminiscent of the 1960s. PurePots’ Tapered Cylinder offers a more streamlined, elegant aesthetic for your retro houseplants.  

Design with Custom Planters - Request a Quote

Searching for the perfect 60’s mustard yellow planter, but can’t find it “off the shelf”? PureModern will build a custom metal or fiberglass planter to your exact size, design and color specifications. Simply request a custom planter quote by answering a few questions about the usage and location of your planter, and we’ll do the rest.

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