How to Group Planters & Outdoor Decor for Maximum Effect

Posted on December 12, 2016

As a designer, it is your job to create a stunning decor for a maximum effect. Your design features a lot of elements including colors, accents, planters, draping, furniture and more. At PureModern, we offer a variety of products that can help add elegance to your indoor and outdoor spaces. These tips will help you group large patio planters into pleasing designs that look great in dozens of commercial or residential settings:

Axiom Square Tapered Planter

Finding the right patio planters may seem like a daunting task. You’re wondering where you can find large planters that will not only complement your design, but also bring the space to life. Grouping your planters is a proven way to maximize your outdoor decor. Let’s take a look at our patio planters and large planters:

When grouping large planters, it is important to remember how important variety can be for your decor. Incorporating Pioneer Round Tapered Planters (as pictured above) can add an element that will make your outdoor space enchanting.

Pioneer Round Tapered Planter

A traditional patio planter with a twist, this tapered patio planter is the corner planter your outdoor space demands. As seen in the photo, this traditional-look, yet contemporary planter can be used in corners as an anchor for your space. Whether you are designing a restaurant patio, an outdoor corporate lounge or a residential outdoor space, this planter is a great addition to maximize your decor.

Aurora Oval Planter

Another option to consider is our Aurora Oval Planters. An oval that gently blooms from the bottom to the top, this planter style resembles an elegant decor piece serving as a large planter. This oval planter is made with a lightweight, durable fiberglass material that makes the design sleek and polished. Buying two of these patio planters can make for a visual similar to the one seen above which is ideal for any patio corner.

Visit PureModern for decor inspirations! Our inventory of patio planters will help you design a space that will reflect a modern theme. Contact us for custom colors and sizes and any questions you may have.

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