How to Create an Intimate Gathering Space with a Sultan Fire Pit

Posted on December 27, 2016

In order to successfully decorate an elegant space, you need to think creatively. When creating an intimate gathering spot, there are a few critical questions you must ask yourself or the client. For instance, Is this space indoors or outdoors? Who will be utilizing this space? What modern design can I provide to ensure this space is truly intimate?

In this case, we know the intimate gathering space will be outdoors. When we think of an outdoor space needing a touch of intimacy, we think fire pit.

Sultan Modern Contemporary Round Fire Pit Seating

Maximize your outdoor space while creating a warm and inviting ambiance. This compact gathering space defines intimacy with a modern flare. Our “Sultan Fire Pit” includes a smooth concrete finish, with the ability to feature either decorative lava rock or a natural, yet sleek design, (with the option to add colored beads for decoration).

Sultan Modern Contemporary Round Fire Pit Seating

The “Sultan Fire Pit” is used both commercially and residentially. We recommend this fire pit for entertaining guests or creating a private outdoor environment. The “Sultan Fire Pit” is available in both a gas fire pit and a propane fire pit.

All of our fire pits come with manual ignition, but for an additional charge, you have the ability to add a push button for electrical ignition. Electrical ignition is particularly useful for commercial settings so a business or hospitality professional can control the ignition times.

Contact a PureModern professional about purchasing a fire pit for your commercial or residential needs.

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