How to Create an Intimate Dining Environment with Modern Planters

Posted on August 31, 2017

Any space with an open floor plan can feel vast, cavernous and the very farthest thing from intimate, cozy or welcoming. Whether you are considering such a space for residential purposes or for a commercial setting, such as a restaurant, you'll want to develop a few tips and tricks for overcoming that sense of "too much" space. One of the savviest tactics is to use modern planters to define specific areas and give them clear purpose.

This is particularly true for a dining area. After all, modern planters are available in nearly any sort of hue or finish and can be chosen to coordinate with pre-existing décor or design. For instance, PureModern offers a wide array of contemporary planters that can be used to develop a far more intimate environment.

Some Illustrations of Contemporary Planters Defining the Dining Environment

Let's say you are staging a dining area outside of a building, even along a sidewalk. Why run the risk of discouraging patrons with feeble barriers between themselves and the street? While there are options that are quick and easy, modern planters are just as simple and give your patrons a sense of separateness and intimacy that open barriers never offer.

Whether you choose them at knee height and fill them with taller, branching plants or opt for taller contemporary planters to fill with lower growing flowers, you are going to define the area and provide patrons with a far more comfortable and conducive space.

Indoor Use of Modern Planters

Keep in mind that modern planters work just as well for interior spaces in need of design updates. The former banqueting space of a large restaurant would feel cafeteria-like without some sort of definition. This area can benefit directly from the use of modern planters. Foyers and lobby spaces where food or beverage service may be required or desired, can be transformed with contemporary planters from PureModern. Without these updates, those spaces would have a utilitarian feel. The addition of planters provides buyers and designers with a diversity of styling options.

Whether your space needs a sleek and streamlined style with metallic or patina pieces, or a far more textural and earthy concept, there is a range of PureModern planters to choose from.

Adding Warmth

While you can boost the level of intimacy and privacy in a dining space through the use of a few well-placed and well-chosen planters, remember that smaller planters can also add just that touch of warmth that instantly increases the intimacy in a dining environment.

Close your eyes and consider a sleek and modern dining room in an upscale hotel or restaurant. It is likely that you are focusing strictly on lighting, table design and décor and different color palettes. Introduce planters with counterbalancing lines, such as oval planters for spiky leafed plants or textured ceramic planters with or without plants and you can see how this warmth might enhance the setting.

As you make plans to lay out or improve a dining environment, consider the many ways that PureModern contemporary planters can be put to use as effective and appealing barriers or warmth-giving accents.

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