Heighten Your Style with Modern Commercial Grade Planters

Posted on April 30, 2017

One of the simplest ways to add style to your commercial site is with live plants. In addition to creating a lovely splash of color to your space, they also let your clients know that you do your part, on all levels, to boost natural design and better quality air. You can heighten the style of any commercial site with PureModern’s custom commercial planters. We work with major hotels, large corporate offices, boutique design firms, and many others, offering the right solution for every space.

commercial grade planters

Our Passion for Modern Commercial Planter Design

These days, modern doesn’t mean “the opposite of retro”; in fact, we’ve helped many of our clients achieve a stylish retro look with the right planters in their commercial space. Our passion is for custom commercial planters made of the right materials, in the right shape, and with the right accents for your space. This attention to a truly customized design is what makes our outdoor planters perfect for the modern business owner. It does not matter what kinds of obstacles you need us to work around, we can create the custom commercial planter that will complement your space perfectly.

Commercial Planters with Sensible Service

Just because we focus on the style of planter design does not mean we don’t also keep in mind quality customer service. We offer free shipping on all orders over $100, as well as toll-free customer service with friendly reps who know our decade-old business inside and out. We also offer discounts for commercial buyers. Please contact us to receive trade prices within 24 hours.

Our Detailed Process Creates Perfect Custom Planters

When we are tasked with designing the right planters for commercial spaces, we start with a detailed look at what you truly need and want. We’ll look at every angle to determine the correct shape, material, color, finish, and irrigation system for your commercial planters. Everything from small planters that are as neat and orderly as your files, to grand, overflowing planters that really make a statement, can be added to your space once your needs are assessed.

Get Your Commercial Planters Quote Today

At PureModern, we understand that you have a timeline. Whether you are preparing a business for a grand opening, or doing some remodeling, your clients’ needs come first. We are the industry leader for turn-around time for custom commercial planters, meaning that we can help you stay on track for your schedule. We’ll also help you keep in mind the future maintenance that will be required by the planter and the plants you choose, and find you a system that keeps both costs and employee time low.

Contact us for a quote on commercial planters and custom commercial planters with the information you have, and we’ll take it from there.

*The image above is a PureModern planter featured at Glass and Vine Restaurant, 2820 McFarlane Rd, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 http://glassandvine.com/

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