Future Design: Contemporary Planters Define Space in a Trendy Startup Lobby

Posted on March 13, 2018

Designing office space for a trendy startup company is exciting. Everyone involved in the project is flying high, and there’s a general buzz in the air that’s contagious. It’s an important milestone in the growth of a new business, but there are a lot of decisions to be made, and the combination of those decisions will result in an office space that either enhances the image of the company, or detracts from it.

Make First Impressions Count

The lobby deserves some extra attention during this design process. This is the space that welcomes everyone who comes to visit, whether prospective client, new employee, or potential investor. The feeling you create in the heart of your visitor will last after they’ve returned to their own office, so make sure the impression they leave with is a good one.

Modern Planters Fill a Variety of Needs

Using modern planters in your lobby design is something to consider in your planning sessions. Planters provide many options not only for design, but for aesthetics and function as well. Today’s planters are made for both residential and commercial needs, and many of them come with no-muss, no-fuss watering systems that keep plants thriving with a minimum of maintenance. Used strategically in office decor, they help create a space that customers look forward to visiting again and again.

Eye-Catching Form and Color

Imagine that newly painted wall in the lobby as a blank canvas. Centered in front of the wall, place a brightly colored modern planter such those found in our tapered planter collection by PureModern. They create a stunning focal point to catch the attention of visitors. Available in dozens of standard colors and metallic finishes, as well as custom colors, the tapered designs of these modern planters make a beautiful and trendy “art display” in the lobby.

Things That Go Together

Modern industrial office spaces with exposed ductwork and concrete walls and floors would benefit from the uniquely curved surface of an Oval Planter. Finished in a matte grey that complements the industrial look, the shape of this planter adds an interesting design element while allowing the plant to become the focal point and the bright spot in the room. Use this planter to accent the reception desk or a refreshment area.

Don’t Forget the Corners

A group of tapered planters in various sizes does wonders for the corners of the lobby. PureModern offers a selection of tapered planters to choose from. The Axiom Square Tapered Planter is a terrific choice because of its smaller base. It’s great for pairing with itself or with other similar planter styles, to create a unique corner fixture that anchors the room and adds a welcoming touch to any startup lobby.

Many of PureModern’s planters can be custom-ordered to fit the specific needs of your lobby. Custom ordering means you get exactly what you need to make a lasting impression. To get started, request a custom quote from PureModern.

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