Exceptional Fire Pits That Reflect Your Clients' Personalities

Posted on April 12, 2018

If you’re like a lot of designers, you’ve realized by now that there’s no such thing as a “standard” client. Every single one is unique. Some are simple and easy to deal with; others, not so much. With some clients, you can practically read their minds, which makes it much easier to please them. Other clients have stoic faces that never give anything away, making it nearly impossible to tell what they’re thinking or feeling, or if they’re even listening. Some clients can be extremely high maintenance; they examine every nit-picky detail to make sure it’s right, and then they change their mind. Do any of these personalities sound familiar?

You’ve Worked for This

Luckily you’ve been in business long enough to have learned how to deal with nearly everyone. You’ve honed your professional and social skills to a fine point, and are able to handle nearly any client with courage and confidence. So when a client calls you up and says they’re ready to put in that backyard fire pit they’ve been wanting, you have just the solution.

Before making a recommendation, you ask a few questions. Where do they want this fire pit? How big is the space? Do they have a certain shape or color in mind?  How do they envision using this fire pit and the surrounding space? As they answer these questions, you’ll get an idea not only of what they’re looking for in a backyard fire pit, but also the type of personality you’re dealing with. And that will be helpful as you move through this process.

Fire Pits for Every Personality

Let’s say you have an upper-level corporate executive who lives in a large house and does a lot of entertaining. You might suggest the Modern Fire Table from PureModern. The clean lines of this stunning fire table create a focal point for guests to mingle around as they discuss business deals or catch up on the latest news. Twelve inches of usable table space around the perimeter of the burner provides a place to set plates and glasses. Made of sturdy concrete, this fire table comes in eight color choices, making it a snap to match your client’s home decor. You’re sure to close the deal with this one.

From Laid-Back...

A more laid-back client who plans to use the fire pit primarily for their own relaxation and enjoyment will appreciate the Zen Fire Pit, also available from PureModern. The beautiful rounded bowl shape of this fire pit fits perfectly on a patio full of plants and overstuffed furniture. Pair this with a corner fountain and you’ve just added the two elements your client was missing: fire and water. You’ve created the perfect relaxation spot, one your client will return to throughout the week to rest and rejuvenate.

...To Social Butterfly

Sociable clients who love to have friends over but who have a smaller space such as a bungalow or condo will enjoy the Dreambowl Fire Pit. Available in a smaller 32” inch size, this backyard fire pit is the perfect choice for adding warmth to a cozy garden setting. Your client will be thrilled to have friends over to chat around the fire during cool spring evenings. And you’ll look like a rock star for knowing, once again, the perfect solution to their needs.

Fire Pit Accessories are Also Available

PureModern offers backyard fire pits in a variety of colors that won’t fade or peel. Available with either lava rock or colorful fire beads, they’re sure to have exactly what your client is looking for. Visit PureModern today for more information or to order color samples for their fire pits.

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