Emphasize a Furniture Store's Green Culture with Metal Planters

Posted on March 23, 2018

As our planet ages, some people are realizing that perhaps our natural resources won’t last forever. We’re seeing businesses emphasize sustainability because they believe in it, and they know that their customers do, too. Following through on green principles isn’t as easy as it may seem. With a few design updates, a dedication to ‘green culture’ can be reflected in a commercial space’s decor.

It Isn’t Easy Being Green

You’ve most likely heard the terms “sustainability” or “sustainably sourced;” these are phrases that have become part of our modern culture. For example, a friend may have mentioned that she just purchased a new dining table made from reclaimed wood. If you are a designer who would like to work with furniture stores as clients, you can discover ways to reflect ‘green values’ in your designs. The following ideas can inspire you in this direction.

Old Becomes New

Furniture stores that support and promote a green culture are increasing in visibility. It’s trendy now to use old wood to make new things. Wood salvaged from rivers and lakes or from an old barn that was torn down has a wonderful “stressed” look to it. People crave that look in today’s home decor, and much of it is retained even after the wood is remade into something new. Furniture that’s built with sustainably harvested wood gives people a warm feeling in their hearts. They know trees are being replanted to take the place of the ones harvested to build their new bedroom set.

Hire Plants to Work for You

Furniture store owners (and you as their designer) who want to boost their green, eco-friendly message would do well to consider the use of metal modern planters in store design and decor. Bringing plants into the mix helps drive home the sustainability message. Plants help clean the air, reduce carbon dioxide, and increase oxygen levels. They have sound deadening qualities - useful if there are a lot of hard surfaces in the store.  Plants also increase the humidity level in the store, which is better for the wood furniture. And let’s face it: plants are beautiful, and having them around makes people feel happier.

Metal Planters - The Perfect Fit for an Eco-Friendly Store

Commercial metal planters like the ones available from PureModern are a great choice for an eco-friendly furniture store. Take a look at the Modern Elite Cube Planter as an example.  Made of heavy gauge marine-grade aluminum, this square metal planter exudes style wherever it goes. Plant a small tree in it and use it in a living room grouping to add color and a more realistic feel to the setting. Or choose a smaller version, fill it with brightly colored flowers, and use it as a dining table centerpiece. Fully customizable as far as size and color, there’s no end to what you can do with these modern planters.

PureModern’s Modern Elite family of metal planters offers several other members that work equally as hard as their square brethren. The Modern Elite Tower Planter looks stunning filled with bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainable grass (technically not a tree), which is also used in much of the furnishings throughout modern furniture stores. Placed next to a nightstand or end table made of bamboo, it delivers a one-two punch that drives home the message of sustainably sourced wood. For outdoor patio displays, try the rectangular Modern Elite Divider Planter. Fill it with begonias for a bright spot of color that also sections off areas of the patio. Powder coated inside and out for long-range durability, these metal planters are designed to last - just like the sustainably sourced furniture your client is selling. They ’re great for the pocketbook and the planet. These quality planters are a greener choice than cheaper planters that will need to be replaced every few years.

Deliver a Modern Message

As a designer, your furniture store clients will look to you for expertise on how to reflect their green principles throughout their stores. Deliver a modern message regarding sustainability and eco-friendliness with PureModern’s Modern Elite planters. To get started with a custom quote, click here.

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