Early Morning Ritual

Posted on June 27, 2016


     Early Morning Ritual

Wake up! It's a new day.

Have you flourished today? Or perhaps do you feel as if you might crash and burn?

Whether you awaken at 4:30 a.m., wait for the morning sun to stream in, or hit the snooze button with good intentions, your morning routine impacts the rest of your day. Set the best tone for each new day by implementing one or all of the following:

The Morning Playlist

Wake up listening to your favorite playlist to break the morning haze. Spotify interviewed music psychologist David M. Greenberg who suggested listening to songs that have gentle openings and big endings, convey a positive message, and contain rhythmic sonic elements, such as “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. Check out the top 20 songs suggested by Spotify and Greenberg.

Lovely Day by Bill WithersViva La Vida by Coldplay

Wake Me Up by Avicii Ain't Nobody by Felix Jaehn

The First Step

Create a morning sanctuary with PureModern products – a place at home to reflect, meditate, and review your schedule for the dayTry the Vintage Crush chair with its soft velvet fabric that will be comfy and cozy but won’t tempt you to fall back asleep. Include a side table with a lamp, to avoid bright overhead light, and keep a luxurious azure throw-blanket nearby. Check out other morning habits suggested by beliefnet.com.  

              Iceland Table Lamp                   Azure Throw


                    Yarbrough Side Table                        Vintage Crush Chair

Get your glam on

Amanda Holstein from San Francisco, creator of the website and blog “Advice from a 20 Something" says to "have fun with your clothing and beauty routine". Equip your closet and bathroom with items that make it fun and easy to create the best of you - whether plucking pesky eyebrow hairs with the adjustable Primo Wall Mounted Cosmetic Mirror or storing your most precious accessories in a Tresoro Jewelry stacking containers created by Blomus. Check out other tips by Amanda.


      Primo Holder for Hairdryers              Nexio Tissue Box and Dispenser

                  Primo Wall Mounted Cosmetic Mirror Tresoro Jewelry Box by Blomus

Revive your body

Choose hues of orange and red to get your salivary juices going as you sit down in your home’s breakfast dining area, such as the Ellis Steel Leg Dining Chair or the McClellan Bistro Table. Use dishes and containers made of beautiful materials for holding fresh fruit, cream for your coffee, or a lilac bouquet to encourage serenity.

          Basic Stainless Milk Container with Lid     Sonora Tall Fruit Basket


    Ellis Steel Leg Dining Chair                 McClellan Bistro Table



Quick Exit

Get in the habit of putting your keys, wallet or purse, phone including charger, coat, and bag or backpack all in one place so there is no last-minute scrambling or morning panic upon realizing your phone is dead. Create an area with hooks and containers if your home lacks a front hall closet. Consider the Velio Stainless and Glass Magnet Board with a hidden spot for keys or the Venea Coat Rack for your purse or backpack.


            Velio Glass Magnet Board with Key Storage Venea Coat Rack

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Add an extra spring in your step with a good-bye kiss and hug. According to registered nurse and social worker Barbara Bartlein, 85-90% of our happiness is influenced by the loved ones we live with – more than love, we need trust and commitment. Kiss your loved one to cultivate intimacy and strengthen relational bonds. Read more of her tips in her book, Why Did I Marry You Anyway? Overcoming the Myths That Hinder a Happy Marriage or listen to an interview with her.  


Kiss and Hug






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