Dressing Up an Outdoor Cafe with Contemporary Planters

Posted on December 18, 2016

Dressing up an outdoor cafe is a designer’s dream! From the modern touches to the creative inspirations, a cafe project can be a lot of fun to undertake. At PureModern, we have everything you need to properly outfit an outdoor cafe. Our contemporary planters and tall outdoor planters are ready for the design project; are you? Let’s take a look at some of our best decor elements to truly transform your outdoor cafe.

Contemporary Planters

When you think of an outdoor cafe, what do you see? If you are going for a modern theme, our contemporary planters are the perfect way to dress up your outdoor cafe. Plan your outdoor cafe design using a variety of grouped contemporary planters from PureModern. Here’s an example of one of our favorite modern planters that can work beautifully for your decor needs:

Cratera 1970 Round Fiberglass Planter Black

Imagine an outdoor, lit patio with unique furniture and contemporary planters placed throughout. Whether you are using short, or tall outdoor planters, PureModern has a diverse inventory to choose from.

Tall Outdoor Planters

Now that we’ve seen examples of stunning contemporary planters, let’s take a look at our tall outdoor planters.

Gratia Tall Trough Planter

These planters are great for adding flair to an outdoor cafe for a few reasons. Because these planters are tall, the opportunity to add your personal touches is unlimited. Use these tall outdoor planters within the middle of the space, next to doors or as a border accent to bring out your cafe’s ambiance.

Distribute these tall outdoor planters throughout your design. The planters will add a natural element to your outdoor cafe, dressing it up with their elegant presence. View all of our tall outdoor planters here and choose your favorites for your outdoor cafe plans. (Note: These outdoor planters are great for residential/commercial patios, rooftop sitting areas and courtyards, too!)

Contact us at PureModern and pick out the perfect contemporary planters for your cafe today! Our website is a great resource for design and decor inspiration!

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