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Posted on April 19, 2018

Planning a room remodel in the near future? It’s an exciting prospect, one you’ve probably been thinking about and planning for weeks, if not months. Before you dive in, answer this question: Have you picked out a design style that you want to adhere to? Interior design styles run the gamut from contemporary to traditional and industrial to country chic. Knowing ahead of time what style fits your personality will make the whole process go more smoothly, especially when it’s time to pick out furniture and accessories.

Modern Furniture that Fits Your Style

PureModern can certainly help when it comes to creating the perfect look. We stock an amazing selection of modern furniture, lighting, metal planters, home decor, and other accessories that fit nearly every design style. We even have a great selection of fire pits and outdoor furniture. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, we can help. Let’s examine one of these popular interior design styles and see how furniture and accessories from PureModern might fit in.

Go Retro

The retro style is characterized mainly by the use of furniture, accessories, and decor that evokes the past. The definition of the “past” in this case can be anywhere from the 1950s to the 1970s. Think Leave It to Beaver or The Mary Tyler Moore Show and you’ll have a good idea of what retro style looks like. If you’re planning on going retro with your space, be prepared to go all in. This is a bold look, with loud colors and busy patterns. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Match the Style to Your Personality

This interior design style needs the right personality to pull it off. It’s often thought of as somewhat “funky,” so it may not be best for a person who is timid and shy. But if you have a personality that’s as bold as the shag carpet-covered walls in your basement apartment back in 1970, this might be the look for you.

PureModern Helps Recreate the Look

Furniture in the retro style was typically low and long, competing with everything else around it for center stage. Formica and chrome were also popular, and can be worked into today’s retro rooms. Take a look at the Centre Sofa. Its long square profile is a reminder of the sofas of the 1950s. Choose this in blue and flank it with Alison Floor Lamps. Across the room add a couple Wedge Lounge Chairs and a Wibaux Ottoman, and you’re on the path to creating a retro living room look with today’s modern furniture. To enhance the look, toss a couple of Alexandria pillows on the sofa. The bold pattern is reminiscent of some of the velvet flocked wallpapers of the ‘70s. Mix in some Dewdrop pillows to achieve just a hint of that retro beaded curtain look. Pull the whole thing together by laying down an area rug. Try Basilica BSL-7128. The pattern is perfect for this look and it’ll add some great texture, as well.

Interior design styles are fun to play with and the possibilities for creating a unique look are endless with modern furniture and accessories from PureModern. If “now” is the time for your home or room makeover, give PureModern a call.

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