Designing Innovative Restaurant Environments with Tapered & Geometric Planters

Posted on August 22, 2017

In the cutthroat restaurant business, attracting loyal returning patrons to your location is absolutely vital to survive. Having great food on the menu is just the start; the ambiance of your restaurant is equally important. When done right, the environment that meets patrons when they step inside, sit down, and enjoy their food, will make them feel as though they are participating in a full sensory event, not just a quick meal. Let’s review how PureModern help you create this innovative restaurant experience!

Versatile Plants in Tapered and Geometric Planters

One reason that every restaurateur should start with plants in their environment is the sheer versatility. Whether you own an Asian fusion restaurant, a vegan twist on a 50’s diner, a western-themed steakhouse, or a brunch hot spot, plants can be used to enhance the décor. The natural beauty of greenery is always welcome, and PureModern’s unique planter options make it easy to match your style. Tapered planters, for example, are perfect for any restaurant where the word “modern” could apply. The slim profile and many color and material options make these perfect for adding a touch of style to a table, nook, or window.

Emphasize Healthy Ingredients with Nearby Greenery in Geometric Planters

If your restaurant offers meals that are healthy, wholesome, or otherwise focused on wellness, take a page from a luxury spa when it comes to your décor. You’ll want your guests to feel as though their bodies are being nurtured and pampered by the incredible ingredients. Having a few lush plants nearby to emphasize your commitment to freshness and natural ingredients is always a great idea. Keep it modern by using geometric planters in unique shapes, such as the Twisted Planter. Choose a basic matte gray metal to blend right in with a contemporary monochromatic color scheme, or go custom with your brand colors.

Tapered Planters Aren’t Just for Plants

At PureModern, we provide products to create beautiful restaurant spaces. Our unique tapered planters can be used for many things beyond plants. Fire tables and bowls, for example, are a wonderful way to bring a new element into your restaurant. With a fountain in one area, greenery in another, and a fire bowl in yet another, you can easily create a harmonious atmosphere that is perfect for a restaurant focusing on fusion recipes.

Customize Your Geometric Planters for Your Needs

Do you have a one-of-a-kind vision for your restaurant unlike anything you see on the market? We can help you turn your imagined setting into a reality. Contact us about custom planters and furnishings. We can help you choose the right materials, shapes, design features, and more, to create stunning planters that nail the atmosphere you want to provide. Rush orders can be ready in as little as two weeks, and we’ll work with your budget to ensure that you get what you need at a price you can afford. Whether you love the sleek look of tapered planters, or want a unique geometric planter that stands out, PureModern can find the solution – or build one for you!

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