Designer Tips: How to Best Combine Modern Planters & Outdoor Lighting

Posted on May 30, 2017

After an area is designed, its overall aesthetic impression will depend largely on how it looks after the lights come on. Lighting is a crucial element to all visual fields, including home design. The addition of lighting to the modern planter scheme in the garden brings together the entire look. Here are a few things designers should keep in mind when configuring modern outdoor lighting.

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Help the Guests Find Their Way

When used correctly, modern outdoor lighting along a front yard path can make it fun and exciting for new guests to find their way to the doorbell. These days, pathlights can be customized to a wide color gamut, chosen with a color that goes well with the home’s facade. Additionally, the lights can be set in a variety of lighting patterns. For example, the pathlights can be set to light one at a time, as the guests make their way toward the house. Surely, there’s no more magical way to make an entrance! One can accentuate the area with various twisted planters along the way to offer an energetic look.


Given that modern homes are relatively transparent (regularly featuring floor to ceiling glass), a modern outdoor lighting trend consists of matching the outdoor floor light to the indoor ceiling lights in cases where both areas can be clearly seen from each other. This is largely a detail of a home’s overall design, but as we all know, good design is all in the details.


Interestingly enough, a light’s components are key to its overall design contributions. An optimally-designed outdoor area, featuring the most striking modern planters, can be hindered if it’s not cast under the proper glow; conversely, it can be fully accentuated when bathing in the right light. It’s advised that designers educate themselves on the main available bulbs for standard lighting fixtures, and experiment with varying glow types in the outdoor area before committing to a particular light.

Highlighting Areas of Focus

The foreground of an outdoor area’s design deserves to be displayed as such, which means it needs to be properly lit. A well-lit outdoor area serves to highlight the areas of aesthetic focus, whether those are natural or man-made objects. For example, a backyard fortunate enough to have a beautiful tree as its centerpoint should have a design built around that tree (or at least with the tree in mind) in a process that culminates in making sure the tree is well lit from all angles. Some designs include seating areas around larger trees, complemented by trough planters, such as these stunning Gratia trough planters. They can be filled with colorful accent plants and greenery.


A fact that bears repeating is that ideal modern design focuses on functionality as much as it does aesthetics (which dutifully explains the rise of solar outdoor lighting options). For truly optimal outdoor lighting, it’s suggested that homeowners set up an automated system wherein front door lights will turn on when a presence at the door is picked up. Whether friend or stranger, a homeowner should know when someone is at the door.

No designer can hypothetically understand how a lighting configuration will impact their design; lighting is a field that needs frequent, thorough testing. It might take a while, but a designer will know when the proper glow is found.

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