Design Your Space With Tau Commercial Grade Fiberglass Planters

Posted on April 21, 2017

Allow us to introduce you to “tau fiberglass planters.” These large planters are some of the most elite fiberglass planters available. What does this mean? Well, our modern tau inventory has taken on  the traditional, large concrete planters on the market and definitely given them a run for their money! PureModern is the ONLY company offering them in the United States right now! If you are designing a space and want a truly unique product, take a look at our newest inventory of fiberglass planters.

Tau fiberglass planters

No matter the size, shape or color, these tau fiberglass planters are unlike your ordinary planter. This modern design is exactly the decor element you’ve been searching for. You might be wondering how we know this. Well, at PureModern, we have seen a demand for a ‘breath of fresh air’ option versus the traditional, large planters. We hear your requests and present you with our tau fiberglass planters.

These fiberglass planters are handcrafted with UV protected fiberglass. With a sleek, contemporary design, these large planters are compatible with various design plans. Whether you are designing an indoor or outdoor space, we have a tau fiberglass planter for you.

Most of our fiberglass planters are available in 2-3 sizes with 17 different color options for variety. Depending on your space and color scheme, our color selections can help blend the large planters into your design, or offer an accent of color.

What sets these large planters apart?

Our fiberglass planters are handcrafted; resistant to corrosion; and feature UV protective paint. You can order a commercial grade planter with custom color options. Available in various shapes and designs, we have full faith that these fiberglass planters will serve as a vital piece of your spacial design.

Contact us at PureModern for more information! In the meantime, check out this video that shows how our tau fiberglass planters are manufactured. Discover what makes them so special.

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