Design with Geometric Planters to Add Elegance to a Bank Lobby

Posted on November 13, 2017

It can be very frustrating for an interior designer to tackle spaces that many consumers view as dull, utilitarian or even meant to be ignored, especially those seen as un-elegant or unappealing. Nowhere is this more an issue than with a bank lobby. It is a place that is meant to channel the customer to their destination; many people have grown so accustomed to them as spare or lifeless spaces, and don't take note of décor or design. If you are at work on the décor for a bank lobby, you can turn to geometric planters as a means of livening the space and grabbing visitors' attention.

Modern Planters as Art, Form and Function

While the overall layout and size of the bank lobby may be fixed and unalterable, the way that the visitor's eye moves through the space, and the overall impact of the décor, can be changed. The use of geometric planters is a fantastic way to insert balanced and well-proportioned lines in a number of innovative ways. Just consider how you might use modern planters and geometric planters in a fixed bank lobby's space:

  • Use larger modern planters as dividers, creating a sitting area and separate welcome or even passage space. Even more exciting would be to line up larger, square modern planters to create a wonderfully unique method of dividing a space.
  • Use geometric planters along large banks of glass windows to add depth, texture or even a sense of nature by filling the modern planters with living plants or trees
  • Rely on artful geometric planters in creative arrangements to eliminate too many angular lines. For example, if the space features several empty corners, gather a nice array of taller modern planters and use them as free-standing art
  • Soften lines with geometric planters by opting for rounded vessels or taller, angular vessels filled with trailing plants that add a burst of welcome color, texture and nature
  • Use a blend of tower planters in different heights instead of standard potted trees

There are many other ways you can introduce geometric planters into the bank lobby, and in all instances, they are likely to provide you with an artistic accent, a visually appealing form or even serve a function (such as dividing a space).

Because you can find an entirely customizable range of planters at PureModern, you may be able to easily redesign a bank lobby into a spot that visitors stop and notice. They may find that they choose a specific branch because of its warmer and more welcoming atmosphere, and it could be due entirely to the aesthetics created by the use of the planters. Don't think of geometric lines as rigid and sharply angular. After all, circles are part of geometry! Planters can be used in wonderful ways in open, lobby spaces, and you are limited only by your imagination in terms of color, form and function. Don't overlook this affordable and flexible way to improve the elegance and appeal of a bank or other lobby space.

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