Decorating a Backyard With Modern Torches

Posted on March 30, 2017

Modern outdoor lighting options give designers a great setting for creativity when it comes to decorating a backyard. From solar outdoor lights to elaborately-patterned LED lights to traditional outdoor floor lamps, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to design additions that fill a backyard with light. One of the most attractive modern lighting options is a modern fire torch, and here’s why:

Low Maintenance, High Convenience

One of the most objective benefits of backyard torches as a modern outdoor lighting option is their initial cost, which is quite low even when compared to other complementary garden items. Additionally, torches are customizable in that they can be moved around every area of the backyard, their placement being entirely based on the homeowner’s whim. If that weren’t enough, these torches are really easy to maintain. All they need is an occasional swipe around the surface area and anywhere the ashes might have collected. This will make them clean as new and ready to be used for a long time to come.

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Torches come in several materials including brass, bamboo, and marble. This variety alone is sufficient for full designer customization. However, there are additional options to consider for the torch’s base, such as the Blomus Monto Concrete Garden Torch Base. Torches also come in a variety of shapes, such as square, conical, diagonal, tulip, and more. Of course, it’s important that homeowners remember to choose the proper torch and torch base material that will last through various weather conditions.


This is the most important thing to consider when choosing to up the aesthetic of a modern backyard with torches. While these torches can be great additions to an outdoor aesthetic, they ultimately require that homeowners “play” with fire whenever they use them. That’s why it’s important to use these items while taking the proper safety measures. These include the following:

  • Place the torches safely, away from nearby flammable material.
  • Use only the proper fuel to light the torches. The main option in this regard is paraffin oil, which is odorless and relatively harmless, and citronella oil which is good for warding off mosquitoes.
  • Keeping the torches out of reach of children.

Since backyard gatherings are a great place to have children running around, that last point is especially pertinent.

Modern design is seeing a return to form in a big way, and there’s nothing so magical as a modern torch, or a grouping of modern torches set strategically along a backyard design. These lovely outdoor options can provide even the most industrial-style backyards with a tribal twist.

Perhaps you would like to add a warm glow around some new planter groupings in your yard. Start with contemporary planters from PureModern that look stunning in either daylight or torch light.

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