Custom Planters On Fast Turnaround for Your Corporate Events

Jan 11, 2017

Having custom planters at a corporate event can be very helpful in setting a positive and successful tone for the night's events. Since corporate events usually need to be set up relatively quickly and then taken down in the same manner, Pure Modern offers a variety of services that in return provide a fast turnaround.  

Custom Planters In The Corporate World

The corporate world is often in need of custom planters on fast turnaround when planning an event, and so to properly cater to their needs, Pure Modern can meet a request in as little as 12 business days. Ordering custom planters can make a corporate event more visually appealing and enjoyable, and this is because they can beautify nearly every setting. In fact, many corporate buildings order indoor and outdoor planters all year round, as they improve the workplace setting in a drastic way, thus making improving both customers’ and workers’ general well-being. Pure Modern has expertise in customizing both outdoor and indoor planters, so whether the event in question is going to be in an outdoor or indoor venue, they can offer contemporary planters that perfectly fit the event’s setting.

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The Advantages Of Having Custom Planters Made For Corporate Events

Not every corporate building is decorated in a party-ready, and so being in contact with a company that offers fast turnaround on their custom planters can be very advantageous. Which is why Pure Modern offers fast and effective services that work well alongside the corporate world’s needs.

  • Promotes a positive atmosphere that allows guests to enjoy themselves while being impressed at the quality of the indoor or outdoor planters.
  • Purifies the air, which is very welcomed when hosting large crowds.
  • Sets the tone for a successful and pleasant event by changing the workplace’s everyday setting.
  • Adds beauty to the room by incorporating flowers, plants, and contemporary planters.

Things To Keep In Mind When Ordering Custom Planters

There are many different types of planters that one can choose from, but if for some reason the already-prepared planters do not fit with the desired setting, new custom planters can be arranged in delivered with fast turnaround. However, when ordering custom planters there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Are these planters going to be for an indoor or outside venue? Since indoor and outdoor planters can vary in decor and materials, it is important to properly express where these planters will be placed.
  • What is the overall budget? Since Pure Modern offers a variety of different materials, discussing budgetary limitations is required before processing an order.
  • Is there a theme to the party/corporate event? Having a theme can influence the way planters are organized, and so discussing this can be crucial.

To be sure that everything goes smoothly, Pure Modern’s representatives will make sure that all information has been acquired.

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