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Posted on April 21, 2018

Have you ever had the experience of knowing exactly the kind of look you want to achieve for a particular client’s space, and then not being able to create the look because you lacked the accessories you needed? It’s very frustrating and also disappointing. You can picture that perfect metal planter in your mind - the one that will pull the whole look together. But try as you might, it’s nowhere to be found.

PureModern Has Solutions

Perhaps you haven’t looked at PureModern yet. We pride ourselves on our selection of commercial planters, as well as on our customer service. We love to help our clients design spaces for their clients, so we offer customized planter options that fit every commercial application. Whether you’re designing an office reception area or the cafeteria at a private college, we can help.

Created for You

Nearly every aspect of our commercial planters can be specified to meet your needs. Size, shape, finish...we can customize to your project’s specifications. Irrigation accessories such as the Ollie Plant Sippers and EZ Fill-ter Bags keep a consistent water level in the planters, which means the look you so painstakingly put together for your client remains beautiful all year long.

We Have the Look

PureModern’s metal planters look terrific in any commercial space. Chic, old-but-new warehouse spaces, housing a hip new coffee shop or ad agency would look great with a mix of Modern Elite Round and Cube planters. The lines of the cube fit with the more stark industrial space, while the curves of the round planters mirror the shape of the open ductwork above. Choose from six metallic finishes or literally thousands of other colors (including RAL colors) to get the exact look your client has requested.

Take Our Planters to Work

Commercial planters have a variety of uses, both indoors and out. Use tall cylindrical aluminum planters to flank the front doors of an executive office building. Use the same planters on all buildings within the office park, and you’ve just created a feeling of “oneness” with a single design element. Rectangular planters are good for creating separation. Use them to define the waiting area in a doctor’s office, or line a cafe patio to create a barrier between the diners and noisy pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. PureModern’s metal planters are made of sturdy, heavy-gauge marine grade aluminum and are powder-coated inside and out so you can be assured that these planters will last for a good, long time.

Our Planters Do Other Things, Too

PureModern also has planters that can be used for things other than plants. The Twain Tapered Round Planter dresses up any space when used as a trash container. Made of durable fiberglass, it’s lightweight enough to be easily moved but solid enough to get the job done. Also made of fiberglass, the Rectangular Recycle Bin is a great choice for employee break rooms or a coffee shop patio. Both of these planters are fully customizable and work well in any space where function and beauty intersect. Additionally, many of our commercial planters work nicely in a retail setting to hold product inventory, or, can be used upside down as display tables!

We’ve developed a reputation as an industry leader because of our focus on customization and helping clients bring projects in on time and within budget. We’d love to partner with you on your next design project. Give us a call at 1-800-563-0593, or fill out a custom quote form, and let’s get started.


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