Creating a Relaxing Mood on a Hotel Lanai with Metal Planters

Posted on April 05, 2018

The hotel experience plays a vital role in a traveler’s overall vacation experience. The actual geographic location itself is the main attraction of most vacations and is typically the reason for the trip; the hotel is secondary. But a bad hotel experience can really ruin a trip, while an exceptional hotel experience adds a whole new level of excitement and enjoyment to the vacation.

Lanais Provide Outdoor Relaxation

Since vacations are all about relaxation, many hotels these days are creating outdoor lanais. The very sound of the word conjures up tropical destinations far from home. Lanai is a Hawaiian word that originally denoted a roofed structure with open sides (and is not to be confused with Lana’i, an island in Hawaii that’s chock-full of lanais). Lanais can be found in many arid and semi-arid climates, where air conditioning isn’t as common, and where refreshing ocean breezes blow year-round. Today, lanais typically fill the role of a fully-furnished outdoor living room, veranda, or balcony. PureModern sells a number of planters that work well in outdoor climates in Florida, Southern California and Arizona; areas where lanais offer refreshing relief from a warm day.

Put Some Thought Into Creating the Space

Any hotel can create a lanai. The trick is doing it well. The lanai should be a warm, inviting space that draws customers in, inviting them to sit for a while, have a drink, and share conversation with friends. Seating areas are plentiful and should be arranged to take advantage of the best feature of the hotel, whether it’s a view of the mountains, the nightscape of a busy city, or the architecturally astounding hotel lobby. Small tables scattered here and there provide interesting accents, and give guests a place to set down their cocktails while they chat, relax, and enjoy the view.

Plants in Contemporary Planters Create the Feel

Plants are an important part of lanai design. Chosen wisely, they provide a lush, tropical aesthetic, and also provide shade, color, and other benefits. They can act as focal points, or blend in so seamlessly that guests barely realize they’re there; they only know they want to stay. Planters are also a critical element to design success. Metal planters in the right shape, size, or color add that extra special, luxurious feeling that every hotel wants its guests to experience when staying with them.

Metal Planters are Beautiful and Versatile

Today’s contemporary planters and metal planter boxes are perfect for all kinds of outdoor uses including lanais. Metal planters are not only beautiful, but durable. They can be made of commercial grade aluminum or copper; or from galvanized, stainless, or corten steel.  Powder-coated finishes come in a wide variety of colors so it’s easy to find the right match for the hotel’s decor. Metal planters also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, take a look at the uniqueness of Element 44, a planter from PureModern. Its unusual design is just the thing for a contemporary hotel lanai. Fill this metal planter with tropical ferns or southwest-style succulents and place them strategically throughout the lanai for a lush, contemporary look.

Complete the Look with Planters

To fill those empty corners, the Modern Elite Round Planter, also by PureModern, is the answer. Available in Suede Bronze, Pewter, and Metallic Silver finishes as well as several other colors, this planter is sturdy as well as stunning. Fill it with gorgeous mandevilla, and suddenly you have an exotic pop of color that catches the eye of everyone passing by. For a different look, try using Durban cannas or flowering banana trees to give the lanai the look and feel of a true tropical paradise.

Contemporary metal planters should be as integral to the design of the hotel lanai as the rest of the furniture and decor. For more information or to custom-order metal planters for your next lanai project, click here.

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