Create Interest in a Lobby or Waiting Area: Design Entire Mini Landscapes within a Bowl or Rectangular Container

Posted on February 24, 2018


When was the last time walking past a container of plants made you stop and stare? Creating miniature gardens in fiberglass planters will do just that for your reception area or lobby - cause people to slow down and take time to notice the gardening artistry. Draw visitors’ or guests’ attention in a commercial space with beautiful and creative mini landscapes in rectangular or bowl planters.

Benefits of Miniature Gardens to Businesses and Commercial Properties

Unlike traditional gardening, which can take copious amounts of time - digging, planting, weeding and maintaining plants - miniature gardening is perfect for landscape professionals who want to design something innovative and beautiful in a small self-contained space. When placed in a waiting area, a miniature garden in an elegant fiberglass planter will draw the eyes of guests, and give them the gift of enjoying a few moments of tranquility and awe before they move on with their daily lives.

Planning and Designing the Mini-Landscape

The first step to creating a miniature garden for a public space is to choose the type and style of landscape that will be featured. Perhaps the design intent is to create a beach scene, a miniature backyard garden, complete with patio furniture and arbor, or a free-spirited “fairy garden.” Many resources for designing and building miniature gardens can be found online - including design tips, sites to purchase miniature garden furniture, and photos of creative miniature gardens for inspiration. Once the design is decided upon - including the types of plants and miniature furniture or accessories desired to place in the mini-landscape - the next step is to choose the perfect container to house this remarkable garden.

Choosing a Bowl, Rectangular or Square Planter for Your Miniature Garden

PurePots by PureModern feature numerous shapes and styles of handcrafted fiberglass planters, ideal for showcasing a unique miniature garden design. Bowl planters are particularly spacious for accommodating the multiple, distinct garden scenes common to a miniature garden. For instance, PurePots’ X-Large Bowl in its largest size offers almost 42” of diametrical space to design an elaborate mini-landscape, all the while providing a professional, elegant container appropriate for lobbies and waiting areas.

Similarly, rectangular planters provide abundant space to create linear gardening “stories” for a mini-landscape.  Choose rectangular, fiberglass planters with drainage holes from PureModern, like PurePots’ Wide Rectangular Cuboid, which is available in five different sizes and nineteen colors. For an especially unique rectangular container, choose a planter with artistic patterns or elegant details like the Andover Trough Planter - featuring a vertical waterfall pattern in its metallic finish - or the Trough Basket Planter, with a European-inspired relief design in bronze, copper or zinc.

Lastly, miniature gardens don’t have to be housed in very large containers; small containers also work well and are perfect for creating individual garden scenes or vignettes. A small square or round planter would suit this need, like a Square Cuboid from PurePots.

PureModern can also create custom-made planters to suit any miniature garden needs. Request a custom planter quote here.

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